Hey guys, I posted this a long time ago but all my poems were removed so I'm posting it again....some people said they liked it and sum didn't...tell me wot u think...review plz?

Desperate Deceiver

'We are never deceived; we deceive ourselves.' Goethe

I study a photograph, all crumpled and faded,

Yellowed with age, hardly recognisable,

Is the sweet, innocent face of someone very young,

With no lines of worry, free of frowns.

A plump, oval face, skin tone very light,

Dimpled smile, eyes huge and innocent,

A child, no more than the age of eleven,

Her intelligence and humour hardly spent.

Tears prick the corners of eyes as I look on,

Memories crowd into my befuddled brain,

Remembering the person I used to be,

But I've changed...Nothing is the same.

I was naive but happy,

Restless but sociable,

Never worrying but always content,

Satisifed with my family life,

Everything was orderly, running in a pattern,

Not a speck of dust out of place,

But when I look into the mirror now,

All I see is a troubled face.

Taited with impurity, a disease eating me away,

Never resting, I'm fading day by day,

My mind full with horrors that I prefer not to relate,

My intelligence and common sense long out of date,

Tragedies and betrayals permanently present behind my eyes,

Hatred and vengeance for the people I despise,

Wounds and hurting blows marked deep on to my skin,

My mind and body suffering from forgotten sins,

I'm trying to deceive myeself...mislead myself...believe in myself,

Trying to live a lie, but I know my efforts will eventually die,

I can't believe what I've become,

An ugly, shameful creature,

I'm such a coward that I can't face,

A single friend or teacher,

I don't even know how to really deceive,

'Cos everytime I try, I come back to square one,

That's why I'm such a desperate deceiver,

A gir so changed, who's done

What she'd always tried to avoid,

But she couldn't control her heart,

No matter how much she tried...

So you see, I'm a desperate deceiver to myself.