yep, it was already posted once but i'm posting again...tell me wot u think plz?



I wait here by the window,

looking out for your car,

And stare into the darkness,

That stretches near and far.

Picturing your face in my mind,

Your delightful little smile,

Your eyes so wise and hypnotic,

As blue as the river nile.

Your short black, spiky hair,

Sticking up and framing your face,

I look at the clock anxiously,

And wait for your arrival as I pace.

Your humour and your questions,

Buzz around inside my head,

Bringing smiles to my face,

As I think of you in bed.

I cherish what we have right now,

The way I'm always at ease with you,

How you're my lover, my heart, my soul,

At the same time, my best friend too.

Even as these thoughts hover in my head,

The clock ticks on- tick tock,

And suddenly I hear the engine,

Along with the reverbrating knock.

I open the door full of relief,

Full of a happiness that threatens to burst,

And I see your face, rainsoaked yet handsome,

And throw my arms around you first.

Then pull back and stare into your eyes,

See emotions that mirror mine,

We're meant to be forever bound,

I'm sure of it this time.

Love...Desire...Affection and contentment,

Are all glowing raw and new,

I can't think of anything else right now,

All there is, is you...