Andy caught eye of him as she walked down the street. 'Him' was a boy who's fate had bounded him to a wheelchair. The boy looked to be older than her, though, his red itchy eyes made him appear younger. She immediately felt sorry for him, stopped in front of his nose and bent down. Slowly his face moved in her direction and she was able to notice that he had a really nice looking one.
"What's wrong?" she asked him, all worried that something bad had happened to him.
"I..." the boy started.
"I won't hurt you," she urged on.
"I... think I wet my pants..." he sobbed.
"Don't worry, honey, I'll take you home."
Andy pointed down the street at the third house on the left side. "I live there," she said as she started to push his wheelchair. "I'm Andy."
"I'm Kyle."
Andy led him into her bathroom, where she helped him out of his chair. She helped him with his pants to noticed that he was wearing a diaper. Normally had he been able to walk she would have laughed at him, though, it wasn't funny. Slowly she began to clean him up and then she put a fresh diaper on.
"I feel really embarrassed," Kyle said.
"I should be the one embarrassed, I touched your dingy," Andy said, blushing.
"I can't feel it anyway. Do you want to go out with me for ice cream?" Kyle asked, happy that he finally was able to ask someone that. Never before had he asked someone out, because he knew no one would go with him.
On the way out, Andy said, "Sure, I'll go. Does 3:00 sound good?"
"What happened to you?"
"A car accident left me crippled waist down. It's really weird not being able to control your own blather."
"I bet it is."
"I live here!" Kyle said and he waved goodbye as his mother opened the door for him. He was really happy that Andy has such a good heart. She treated him as if he were a person and not some kind of trash. None of his old friends ever came by anymore to see him, they were too embarrassed to be seen near him. Since around 3 years, aside from family, he hadn't really talked to anybody nor had anybody talk to him. For the first time since the accident Kyle was really happy.

The next day at the 3:00 Kyle waved happily as he saw Andy approach. They had forgotten to mention which parlor they wanted to go to, but it was the closest and Kyle had tipped right.
They sat down at a table near and both knew what they wanted to order.
"I'm really happy that I've finally made a friend."
"Why what happened to all your old friends?"
"I'm embarrassing, they won't come near me."
"That's not very nice,"
"You're the first nice person I've met."
Andy blushed and the ice cream arrived.
"I have a question for you," Andy said.
"Ask away."
"Are you looking for a friend or a girlfriend?"
"That's not a very fair question."
"I'm just asking."
"Would you really chose a boy that couldn't have sex?"
"If he's as nice as you."
"Are you saying an example or do you really mean it?" Kyle asked after a second break.
"Do I seem to mean it?"
"So you'll come to dinner. My mom really wants to meet you."
"You're cute, did anyone tell you that?"
"I'm coming."
And that was how their relationship begun. Andy helped Kyle out all she could. She spent all her free time where she wasn't at school or swimming helping him out. Andy was really in love and so was Kyle. Many times Kyle wondered why Andy would waste all her time with him, since he was a hassle. He didn't know if he would be able to cope with it if their situations were switched.
It was Saturday and Andy took Kyle with her to a swim meet. A couple of her friends asked her how she could put up with him, that she deserved better than what she got. One girl, not really even a friend, asked her why she was dating a retard and one boy commented to that, "A retard is all that she could get."
But Maria and Denis were nice to him. While Maria and Andy had to go swim a 4x100m i.m. relay, Denis gladly sat down on a chair so he could talk to Kyle without having to scream. A boy walked by and said, "Why bother talking to a retard?" Kyle's feelings were really hurt, however he didn't say anything.
"Just ignore him. He's a real bastard."
"People said worse things to me."
"I have a really mean question to ask you, but I'm really curious."
"Does it have to do with the fact I can't have sex?"
"I'm afraid that Andy will leave me soon, because I can't sexually interact with her."
"Andy? No, she loves you so much. No matter what the doctors say, I think a miracle will occur and you'll be able to walk again."
"I really hope so."
"So do I."
The two stopped talking since Samantha, Maria's sister got on the block. She was the first one to swim. After swimming her 4 laps backstroke, she stopped and Nadia sprung in. They were placed fourth. Nadia caught them up to the third place, then it was Maria's turn. She got them about 3 second away from the first place. Andy swam her heart out and caught up to the first place and beat her to end by over 3 seconds.
"Did they swim good?" Kyle asked.
"Maria swam a 1.10 and Andy 56:9 both times being great,"
Maria and Andy went down together to get changed. Once they were drying off Maria said, "You know what? Kyle is really, really cute. Don't listen to what the others say about him, they're just jealous."
Andy's answer came out in a form of a hug.

That night Andy and Kyle sat in her room watching Southpark. Kyle told her about what Denis said about him being able to walk again and Andy hoped so too.
Suddenly there was a loud noise.
"What was that?"
They both went to check. The next thing Andy saw was Kyle being thrown from his wheelchair by some kind of person. The person went for her next. She felt helpless as the person jumped on her and tore off her clothes. She felt only pain as he entered her. He began rubbing her chest hard and she began to cry. Through her tears she could so the blade approaching her skin. And through her tears she could see Kyle wipe the man with something over the head. The man fell helplessly down and Andy forgot about being rapped. Her Kyle was standing on his own legs. He wasn't in his wheelchair anymore. Quickly Kyle knelt down beside her and pulled her in close.

"Please welcome Andy Waters," the talk-show host Mike said. As he heard about their story he had to have them on his show. They didn't decline his offer.
"Hello," Andy said as she sat down.
"Now you have an amazing love story for us."
"Your boyfriend was crippled right?"
"Yes and when the accident happened, the doctor said he'd never get better, that he'll never be able to walk again,"
"But now he's walking on his own."
"A bit weak still, but nonetheless."
"What happened?"
"We heard a noise. So we went to check and he was thrown from his chair. And the guy attacked me and rapped me. Then hew was going to kill me and Kyle was whacked him over the head. He told me later on that I'm the one to thank for his legs back. It was love that made him stand. He couldn't bare to see me get hurt."
"Yes and let's welcome Kyle!"
The audience clapped and Kyle came in. He sat down next to Andy.
"Now, you're the boyfriend."
"Was it embarrassing for you when you were crippled?"
"Yes. I felt really bad. Whenever I needed anything she was there for me. She'd do anything to please me and I couldn't really help her back. She had to change my diapers for me, since I couldn't urinate on my one."
"And that's why you wanted to thank her."
A lady handed Kyle a bouquet of 12 long stem roses.
"These are for you, though they can't make up for what I put you through. You were the best thing that ever happened to me."
Andy felt tears form in her eyes. She hugged Kyle.
"And after a break we'll find out what he's got planned for you."

The End.