A/N - Here is a poem I written when I was like 13 eight grade, I found it in my inbox so.. yeah. Issues in my life are inspirtations to what I write.

Betrayal by blood
Smothered in lies

Lies you have mastered
One after another
All seem to be true
But its all fake

If I lie
Will I get caught?
You didn't
So neither will I

Trapped in the midst of your grip
My body numb from pain
That slowly lurks to my nerves
And into my brain

I can't feel you anymore
Because you are nothing to me
Nothing-ness is all that you mean
To me

Now you have me by the neck
But why would I care
I have you by the heart
And you can't hurt me

I will rip your heart out
You will fall
Fall to the ground
And shatter without your black heart

Black or red
Ice or crystal
Without your heart
It clearly doesn't matter

Now that you are out
Out of my life
I can finally live
And I will survive

Die. Die. Die
Is all that went through my head
Now I am satisfied
Since my thoughts came true

What a wonderful word
Just as wonderful

For I have lied about caring
Lied about you
I do not care for you
Did I ever?

Truth or lie
I have done both
Lied about believing you
Told the truth about lying

A/N - I don't usually write poems. But that was probably the best one I've written. Humm... now that I think about it. I think that was the ONLY one I've actually written without having the factor of being marked by a teacher.