A/N: A friend and I wrote this during our lunch period after she had a fight with her bf. It's kind of confusing. Hope you like it.

Ignore the thoughts
The piercing scream
Tie the wounds
And drain his blood

Watch his face contort with pain
Hear the pleasure in your voice
Repay him for your deed
Meet the fear with anger

Kill him slowly with his sins
Make him writhe in personal pain
Drink up your sorrow
And spit it in his face

Collect your hatred
Make it sharp
Let your transgressions
Be a deadly weapon

Tears turn to ice
And pierce the soul
Shatter yours
And lose control

Reek a vengeance
Powerful and fierce
Hatred and sorrow
Become your salvation

Bring unreasonable justice
And purge all thought
This is the logic
Tragedy has wrought

A twisted way of thought
A poetic justice must be taught
Weapons of unknown power
I laugh as you sit and cower

Run away like a child
This wrath is fire wild
Drown out all the tears
With overpowering fears