Carousel Ride

And we spin round and round on this carousel ride

You on one side, me completely opposite

Never seeing eachother

Barely talking

Just going with the rotation

Because that's all we can do

We're not allowed to move until the ride is over

If we do, we'll stumble til we topple

Like minute toys being rattled by a toddler

We'll fall


And never fully heal from those wounds

So how do you stop the carousel?

Beats me!

Maybe, just maybe you can't at all

Maybe it's a never-ending cycle

Never the less, we're in the loop

And we can't get out alive

Just remembering the day we were forced onto this hellish carousel ride

You and I were hanging out

Pretending nothing awkward was going on

Acting out a normal day

Only we both knew this wasn't normal

We had to fight our hardest to hold back tears

Such a battle that was

And when we said goodbye. . .

I hadn't lost yet

I just hugged you

Said goodbye

And saw you drive away

Down the very street of which you lived

Away from me forever into a brand new life

And thus started the carousel

Turning and turning

Rotating in its ominous and final pattern

The music repeating

The themes overlapping

This is what hell feels like

A carousel

For once you were out of sight

I lost

Sitting at that ever-famous corner

We used to sit and chat there all the time

So many memories flooded over me

And it all sunk in

It hit me like a boulder to the head

Never again

Never again would I see you

You were gone forever

You are gone forever

And that's when I became a prisoner of war

This carousel still has me and is torturing me

With it's ironically cheerful music

It's dinky chords clashing and skipping

As if everything's hunky dory!

Nothing's wrong at all!

You're there with me

But you're so far away

Opposite ends

I never see you

I'll never see you again

Yet, you're there

This taunts me

And so we'll continue this carousel ride

Until it stops

Until it ends



Just like that

And then

I wake up

And the only thing that changes

Is the music

Now, it is silent

Now, I am free

Yet, in my heart, I am still on this nightmarish

Carousel ride