An Ode To The AIDS Victims by writerforever

I see him as a little boy

Playing in his room

Dinosaurs, horses, and dogs

His three favorite toys


I see his mom holding him

Kissing him on the cheek gently

She whispers in his ear

Tells him he's her special boy


I see him as a teenage

He likes theatrical plays

And Dolly Parton

He's a #1 student at school

His parents are proud of him


I see him as a young man

He's in the hospital

He's just been diagnosed with aids


I see him telling his parents the news

Horrified and angered they turn him away

They make him pack his bags

They throw him out of the house


I see him all alone

Living in the alley ways

He couldn't find a good job

He had turned to his friends

But when they discovered his disease

They to, turned him away


I see him lying alone in a homeless shelter

The disease, over time, has consumed his body

He is dying


I see his body

He has died amongst strangers

He has died without a friend in the world

He has died a loner

He has died without having been offered love

Without having been offered compassion


He is forgotten

Someone that no one will remember

His face is forgotten forever


This is an ode to that poor soul

This is an ode to those who have lost everything

This is an ode to those who fight alone

This is an ode to the AIDS victims


May you stay strong

May you know that there are people who care

May you know that someone loves you


This is an ode to the AIDS victims