Little girls in little dresses

Things sure have changed

Since I was a kid

Knowing the kid next door

Got knock up in the woods outback

By a boy who stole her innocence (or what's left of it)

I sure hope her daddy doesn't beat her tonight

High school dropout

But don't worry hon

You'll make it on your looks

Even if it kills you

STD's, what's that?

Degradation and decay

Of a fourteen year old

Her teacher liked her cute little ass

It's ok though,

We're living in the land of freedom

(or fucking, whichever you prefer)

Grown women scared shitless

Oh God, oh God, I hope he doesn't rape me again

The bleeding hasn't stopped

From the last time

Is that the door?

Beaten and downtrodden

But mostly forgotten

Are you comfortable there

Sitting in that leather chair?

Body in the bathroom

Blood on a shattered mirror

A sister

YOUR sister

What the fuck did you do that for?

Because you were sad?

It was all for attention




There's nothing wrong

There's nothing wrong

You keep telling yourself that.