Chapter 1: The Midnight Spook

The girl in the mirror looked tired. Like a dead girl, just recently awakened again. Anya couldn't stand her reflection glaring back at her any longer. She draped her sheet over her old mirror, leaving the cobwebs hanging off it like shredded crystal. It was about a hundred years old, that mirror,passed down to the people who had stayed here.Trouble was, not a single of them had ever liked it,they had only kept it because, they had reckoned,it would be worth thousands one day. Now Anya could only see her shadow. It looked like a normal girl. It felt like innocence. Perfect.This was better than a reflection anyday.

She crossed the room holding her head as if she had a hangover, finally resting on her bed and staring up at all her school photographs,with all their fake smiles. She groaned, closed her eyes and sighed. She wasn't looking forward to school on Monday and Clarissa was gonna kill her with the withering looks she shot in her direction. The teachers hated her. She was sure of it. And all the students avoided her as if she was contagious.

Sighing again she rolled over, enjoying the coolness of the quilt beneath her and the Moons' beam of light shining in through the window. Her room was almost opaque with the shadows and the dust that had settled over it in the many years it had been deserted. Anya hadn't wanted to move here at all but she did, if only to make her mother happy. Anya's parents had divorced and it was like the 'dustbin kid' by jaqueline wilson. Anya stayed one week with her mom and one week with her dad. It was the most lamest plan and Anya often daydreamed about running away. If only.

After a while, she got up and moved towards the windows to look out of her bedroom. The floor boards creaked and dust rose into the air towards her. It was the attic and was quite high up so she could almost look over the whole of the village. Everything was silent. Owls hooted here and there and sometimes, Anya thought she saw a bat or two sillhouted against the Moon. Rooftops were lit up with the moonlight and shadows moved restlessly in corners. Just lurking for a victim to walk close.

Suddenly, the hairs on Anya's neck stood up and she froze as an icy breeze paralysed her. Her hands clutched the window frame and she stopped breathing as an invisible force caressed her face. Her green eyes widened as blackish smoke encircled her and for a moment, she thought she saw red eyes gleaming somewhere but just as it had come, it swept away as if it hadn't even come.

Slowly, Anya turned around and crept back towards her bed, trying unsuccessfully to swallow the lump that had become lodged in her throat. Sweeping back her brownish hair, she caught herself looking at her reflection again in the ancient mirror. Anya paused for a while to observe the skinny, shivering, pale-faced girl that stared back. Her eyes looked cat-like as they squinted back and her trembling knees wouldn't stand still. Just as this was happening, she gasped as suddenly a red, blood-like line appeared at her neck in the reflection. It stood out against her pale skin like a freakish gash and as she watched, a thin line trickled down the glass towards the ground. Anya jumped back, her hand at her throat and was relieved to see that there was no similiar wound there.

Shaking, she edged back towards the light switch hoping to God that the electricity hadn't gone again and gasped as something grabbed her. Turning around, she stumbled away as a hooded figure advaced towards her, it's hands outstretched and face covered in darkness. If only she had switched on the light. If only.

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