Chapter 4: One kiss, too many

Simon leaned closer...his fangs hidden and his face normal.

"Anya, I feel like I've always known you...but why are you afraid? Why do you shrink away from my touch and why don't you trust me? Do you know how much it hurts me when you do that?" She didn't say anything but stared at him sadly. "I love you Anya, I think you're the only person that I can ever love...but the question is, can you love me too? And can you help me?" She tried to move her lips but they were sore and wouldn't form the words she wanted them to.

For a second, se was entranced by the hypnotising way Simon spoke, then her thoughts started protesting,

Hey, hold on a minute, who was he anyway? What did she know about him? Just that he was a vampire and seemed to find it pleasurable to kiss strange girls...and who was talking about love? This was lust...wasn't it?

"Shh..." he gently placed a cool finger on her lips. "It's okay, you don't need to answer right now, you're not well but I'll come again, don't worry." Then moving closer, he kissed her. It was just like last time but even better. That was just a memory...this was now. His lips warmed her sore ones, almost making them bleed, but the pleasure was greater than the pain.

Painfully, Anya's arms went about his head and pulled him closer. He lay down beside her and kissed her bruised face, her eyes, her nose, her mouth and then moved to her neck.

His vampire instincts instantly came alive and he could sense the warm blood pulsing through each vein of hers behind this fragile skin...a skin he could pierce and use as a passage. The temptation was lured him closer to the edge with each passing second...closer to the prey...

Without realising it, Simon's face had changed into a vampire and Anya had felt his fangs as they drew closer to her neck. Whimperin slightly, she moved away as the fear returned to her eyes.

He only wants to drink your blood...said her brain...what the hell are you doing kissing him?

Simon paused as he looked into her eyes, confused, then gasped, as he realised how close he'd actually come to drinking her blood. Moving away, he ran his hands through his hair agitatedly and took her hand in his. She resisted but he held on.

"Look Anya, what I said is true but you have to understand that I'm still a vampire, ok? I've done some terrible things and drinking is the least of it," he paused with a faraway look on his face, "I didn't mean to get carried away like that. It just sort of...happend. Look, I'll explain everything when you're better, okay?"

She didn't reply but watched him leave, a part of her aching for him, another part curious about him, and the smallest part of her relishing his absence. Closing her eyes, her lips tingled with the memory of his kisses and it was only those that made her want she's never wanted anyone ever before.