Aritha curled up, the sand made the back of her legs itchy and the tide was making her legs cold but she didn't mind at all. She drew on her pad all sorts of things; the ship in the distance, the sun in the sky and the shells around her. She was good at art, not the best but she enjoyed it.
She was glad to be able to sit in the warm sun in the middle of summer, on a beach by herself. She huddled in the towel, she had been bathing in the water. She had only managed to wade in as the water was rough and saltly which stung her eyes and made her sick when she accidently swallowed some.

She kicked off her sandals and took off towel. She had no bikini shirt and she only wore a skirt but there was no one about and besides, there were no one else on the beach to sea her. She leaned back, clutching her sides for comfort.
"Soo warm," she mumbled, closing her eyes. The sun became dimmer as her eyes were firmly shut.

The only noise she could hear was the continious sound of the back and forth waves which reached her occasionally. She could do nothing to stop herself from slipping into a deep sleep. She wished she could have brushed her hair, but it didn't really matter. She didn't care much about her appearance; she had thin, straight aquatic-like hair and deep, glassy blue eyes. She was quite pale, tall and slim as she loved to swim and run. Her usual choice of clothing was a white shirt and white skirt which she had got on her trip to Thailand.

She was always lone, she liked to imagine herself as a lone, silver wolf. But this imagination always turned into herself as a quiet little rabbit. She was often quiet, nothing had happened to make her this way; many people thought she had a painful past but she was just quiet in nature. She was quite friendly to most people, just hoping after they turned away that they didn't think badly of her. She wished she could shed this type of personality but it was a part of her.

She missed her other home, she had travelled to this lone island and didn't ever want to return. Half of the island was a health spa, she had got a massage already and the fun of that had disappeared. She was here with her mother who loved all the herbal foods and free treatment, a birthday gift from her grandfather.

She didn't care much for anything else, everyone at her school was obsessed with boys and make up; but she was interested in drawing and quiet time. They called her a nerd, but she was the most often person to forget to do her homework or PE clothes. She was thirteen years old, whose Friday nights should had been spent with friends rather than curled up on an armchair with a small set of paints.
Whilst Aritha slept the sun decended and the stars glittered the sky, the only light was the reflecting moon in the now calm water. She sighed as she came out of her sleep, she brushed sand from her eyes and turned over.

She gasped, there was a dark figure coming towards her, her eyes were still ajusting. She tried to move away, the figure scared her as it slowly made it's way towards her. She screamed and closed her eyes as it approached her. She called out as a sharp pain hit the back of her neck and she quickly floated back into her deep, misty dream.

A hand stroked Aritha's face, like her mother used to do. This woke her up always, she smiled to herself. She felt her hair had been brushed, nails scrubbed and her face washed of all sand.
"What great treatment they provide," she though and opened her eyes. Two grey eyes looked down on her.
"Welcome to Hano, young girl," said a husky, male voice. Aritha gasped as she realised there was an unknown man lying next to her.