There was once a time, I can recall,
When I was young and strong and tall.
Now I'm none but old and faded,
Broken, beaten; jarred and jaded.
Caught betwixt the ebbs and flows,
Going naught but where the water goes,
With reflections of the ancient ages,
Broken dreams and turned back pages.
Chasing the sunset, as long as it lasts,
Longing for the irredeemable past,
To watch the distant glimmer of hopes and dreams,
Creeping like morning's sunlight beams,
Over hills of tomorrow, like a glorious dawn,
But today, all of my tomorrows are gone.
Gone like the yesterdays, lost to the sea,
With nothing but memories of what life used to be.
Take heed, young ones, with shining eyes uplifted,
Others lived life, but not me,
I drifted.