Into Darkness

Into darkness, down I slipped,
To lie, enshrouded, it its crypt.
Dreams eluded, nightmares crept,
While restless, in the dark, I slept,
'Til came the morning's hopeless light,
Cold as shadow, just as bright.
Hour by hour, the days died on,
Dark as the unwelcome dawn.

All the passions, strongly felt,
Died, and in their deaths I dwelt,
Grasping empty, dead obsessions,
Seeking answers, lacking questions,
Fearing what would come to be,
If fate would not succumb to me.
In the dark I sought the dead,
And finding nothing, died instead.

But still in shadow, One did dwell,
Who flew to catch me as I fell,
To give new life to lifeless being,
Passions finding, passions freeing.
Dashed ambitions 'round me lie,
And all my precious dreams did die,
Sun did whither, stars did fade,
But though the darkness, God, You stayed.