Seaside Serenade

Touch my cheek and I'll be yours,
Take me lightly in your hands.
Come and dance on golden shores,
Graceful over shining sands.
Singing sweetly in my ear,
Sweetly, soft and tender,
Slowly, slowly draw me near,
And I would fain surrender.
Come and dance where waves retreat,
Spin me as the sea subsides,
And let the ripples cool our feet,
And smooth our footsteps with the tides.
And let our lively laughter carry
Swiftly on the salty breeze,
Ringing bright and clear and airy,
'Cross the ever boundless seas.
Come and dance with me until
The sun sinks out of sight.
Then slow our steps 'til we stand still
And soundless in the night.
Then kiss me, Love, so sweet and true,
To keep me in this trance,
And ever I'll belong to you,
And ever will I dance.