By xms-poeticc

They come to me

Whispering of a place where pain isn't a word

Where fights aren't so close to home

Home sweet--

So bitter sweet home

I won't leave there once I arrive

I will pack up my everything

Then remember nothing from the time before

If only the whispers would shout

I have such a hard time hearing them over the pouts

And their insanity

If this madness is where my heart should be

I will rip it out

This isn't where I belong

The years of prince yearning are gone

There is no one coming to save me from them

No one but the whispers of my remorse

They understand me

I shall be comforted

Those who mourn shall be comforted

They are getting closer now

The whispers and their owners are coming now

It's a bright light

Warm and radiant and pure

The breath of life is gone

My body is still in the ground

But my soul is home

And I am home

The whisperers have won…


This poem is mostly about finding some peace. Lol. I still have yet to get it. Reviews are welcomed.