A/N: Yay, yet another song! Someday maybe I'll actually write music to all my songs hehe. But for now they're just words with a forgotten tune in my head.

Oh, and I just thought I'd say, I couldn't decide if I should have "To escape reality" one line or two lines like "To escape / Reality". So anyone who wants to can tell me which one they like, and maybe I'll change it sometime. But now.... ONTO THE STORY!!

Lies Inside Music

Turning up the music loud
To block out all the sounds
I don't wanna hear
I can't stand to hear

My only way
To escape reality
Lies inside music

List'ning to someone else's pain
Instead of thinking of
My own dreaded thoughts
I can't think of it

My only way
To escape reality
Lies inside music

My real life is unbearable
So I turn to my only friend
Feelings twisted into words
Thoughts disguised as letters

No one knows
What I'm saying inside my head
And it works
Cause I get to rant on without being caught

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