Chapter 1

She had tried a million times to deny the feelings, but every time she told herself she did not feel that way, it came back with more vengeance.

No matter how hard she tried to tell herself she did not like him in that way, she would fall head over heals in love with him all over again.

The days were long, she thought of him often. Throughout work, and her classes she would find herself drifting off.

Where her mind took her was a place far away. It was a place where he and she could be together with no consequences.

Alana was nineteen years old and in her first year of college. He was a year her senior and also studying at the same college.

They had been childhood friends for many years now, and still spoke often. It was normal conversation, but somewhere between the meaningless chit chat Alana always found herself drifting off.

She tried her best to concentrate, but she could not help but look at his cute dimples, and white flashy smile. His eyes were a dark brown, and with those eyes, he could talk her into almost anything.

No matter how much she found herself falling for him, there were always doubts that rested in her mind constantly.

Not only had they been childhood friends, but he was also her best friend's brother. Oh, that was a line she could not cross, no matter what. Loosing her best friend was not worth it, in her opinion.

Sure, she wanted to believe that if fate would play the cards right, maybe she, and prince charming could be together, but she was a realist and that sort of thing did not happen on a daily basis.

There was also another huge roadblock standing between her and her destiny, him. She knew it sounded crazy thinking he was blocking their future together, but it was true.

She could not even imagine him actually feeling anything for her. In her opinion, he saw her as a friend and nothing more. She might even go as far as to say he saw her as a sister figure and not his true love.

'My life sucks,' Alana told herself as she closed her notebook and looked around the area around her. As usual, her friends were talking and laughing while, she was busy writing.

They understood that any moment of the day or night you could find Alana writing fiercely in that silly black notebook. In those moments when she got an idea and just had to write, they would step away and talk amongst themselves.

"Where are you going," her best friend called to her as Alana took off running in the direction towards the library.

"I need coffee," Alana yelled over her shoulder, but what she really needed was a break. A vacation would be just the right thing for her at this time in her life. She needed time to sort through her thoughts and finally make a decision.

Just as Alana had lost herself in her thoughts, again she was pulled out of them just as quickly. She had collided with the person in front of her without even realizing. Just like that, all of her books had landed on the ground exposing her deepest secrets.

"I am so sorry," she mumbled.

"Alana are you okay," Phillip asked quickly. He bent down and began helping her pick up the pieces of paper and books.

"I am fine," she whispered. She was all of a sudden nervous when she recognized whom she had run into.

"I guess we didn't see each other," Phillip said laughing as he stood up.

Nervously she pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. "I am late for class," she said as she stepped past him and walked away quickly.

Phillip turned to watch her walk away, before he realized he still held her black notebook in his hands.

His first thought was to find her and give it back, but when he looked around, she was nowhere to be found, just as if she had vanished in the night like a thief.

For a moment, he flipped through the notebook to see maybe if she had a class schedule, but then with no look he walked away.

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