Chapter 7

He kept holding her close throughout the night, never once letting go. His strong arms moved slightly and pulled her closer to his chest. Her ear lay just above his heart, which was beating rapidly. Alana wasn't complaining in the slightest, because it felt like the perfect place to be in his arms.

This was the place she had always wanted to be, and now her dream was reality. The passion from moments before had died down, but the memories remained etched in their brains for an eternity.

Was it that silly thing called loved that also remained in Alana's heart? It seemed as if she was floating, but then she was on the ground again. She felt safe being with him, and she trusted him no matter what happened now. He was the man she had always dreamed of, and nothing could change her feelings for him.

"Alana," someone screamed. The scream was enough to bring Alana back to reality, and the person who screamed was one of Alana's friends Becca.

"Huh what," Alana blurted out rather quickly.

"You're going to be late," Becca said pointing towards a set of classroom buildings at least ahundred feet away. "What's wrong with you? You seemed kind of dazed, you weren't thinking about Phillip were you?"

"No, of course not, why would I do such a thing?"

"Watcha been writing," Becca, asked curiously looking over Alana's shoulder at the notebook laying across her lap.

Alana herself didn't remember what she had been writing. Fear took hold over her entire body as she looked down at the notebook.

There it was in black and white, everything that she had written. It then dawned on her that the entire thing was merely an illusion. The time she had spent with Phillip; the wonderful moments they shared together, the break-up, the argument with Abby; it was all an illusion. It was merely a dream, written in her notebook.

She had made-up the entire story, and felt as if she lived it. It had seemed so real when it was happening.

Becca tapped her on the shoulder and smiled. "You are going to be late," she repeated again.

Alana stood up, crammed her notebook into her bag.

"Where are you going," Becca called to her as Alana took off running in the direction towards the library.

"I need coffee," Alana yelled over her shoulder, but what she really needed was a break. A vacation would be just the right thing for her at this time in her life. She needed time to sort through her thoughts and finally make a decision.

Just as Alana had lost herself in her thoughts, again she was pulled out of them just as quickly. She had collided with the person in front of her without even realizing. Just like that, all of her books had landed on the ground exposing her deepest secrets.

"I am so sorry," she mumbled.

"Alana are you okay," Phillip asked quickly. He bent down and began helping her pick up the pieces of paper and books.

"I am fine," she whispered. She was all of a sudden nervous when she recognized whom she had run into.

"I guess we didn't see each other," Phillip said laughing as he stood up.

Nervously she pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. "I am late for class," she said as she stepped past him and walked away quickly.

Phillip turned to watch her walk away, and then he realized he held her notebook in his hand. The right thing was to find her and give it back, but when he looked around, she was nowhere to be found, just as if she had vanished in the night like a thief.

Alana sat in her apartment; the silence covered the apartment greatly. These were the time that she most missed Phillip, but then she remembered again that the time she was referring to was a dream, a story, something that didn't really happen.

The story seemed so real in her mind that she couldn't forget it, not even for one moment. 'Stop it,' she screamed. 'It was a dream, it didn't happen, it wasn't real. You didn't really sleep with him, he doesn't really love you, and he doesn't even know you exist.'

There was a knock at the door, Alana rose up off the couch and went to the door. Her mind and body froze when she opened the door.

"Yes," she said politely.

"Hey," Phillip said running his fingers through his hair nervously. "May I come in," he asked nervously.

"Yeah, sure," Alana whispered opening the door. Alana could feel her stomach turning in knots as he stepped into the apartment.

"So what's up," she asked nervously. She watched from across the room as he sat down on her couch.

"I just came by to give you this," he said pulling the notebook out of the bag he still held onto. "You dropped it today, and I thought you might want it back."

Alana looked at Phillip, then at the notebook, and then at Phillip. "What, wait," she shaking her head. "You didn't like read this," she asked nervously.

"Well," Phillip said stumbling over his words. "I kind of read…"

"Read what," Alana blurted out.

"One little story about us," Phillip mumbled. "I was just curious and I wanted to learn more about you. I ended up learning more about you than I first expected to learn." The words came out of his mouth so easily. He wasn't laughing, but he might as well have been.

Alana slid down the wall and covered her eyes with her hand. "Oh my god," she cried out. "How could you do that," she asked.

Phillip walked forward and bent down in front of her. "I am sorry," he whispered in a deep tone of voice. "I shouldn't have read it."

"No you shouldn't have," Alana said through her own sobbing. "I guess you know how I feel now," she whispered looking up.

Phillip reached forward and wiped away a tear with his fingertip. "Yes," he whispered. Immediately and without another word, he stood and held out his hand. "Come on, stand up, let's go."

"Where are we going," Alana asked quickly.

"Well," Phillip said smiling. "First you are going to go and wash your face, and then the way I figure it you and I need to talk. I want to get to know you more than what's in that notebook. I say we start from the beginning, maybe we can just how things go and take it from there." He paused for a moment, smiled, and then went on. "Unless of course you want to go straight to sleeping together."

Alana chuckled slightly and shook her head. "No I don't want that." She knewwhat that would result in and she knew better this time. Slower, in this case, was better, no matter how hard the temptation was going to be.


Okay so was anybody confused? Just in case you didn't understand, Alana had written the entire story in her notebook instead of living it. So this was a story within a story, I guess. Kind of a different ending, but at the moment I wasn't up for a clichéd ending. Sorry! Hope everyone liked the story and thanks for all the reviews!