A Tale: Mission Of Failure

Once upon a time,

There was a forgotten tale,

Of a buried land, a lost love,

A curse, a mission of fail,

A girl that should have triumphed,

But her efforts were in vain,

Her lover was lost to the winds,

And her brother lay violently slain.

Things got wrong when nature left,

And man ruled the Earth,

They did what they wished without second thoughts,

And forgot all their worth.

Bloodshed and ruin lay in every direction,

Crumbling walls and stale surplus food,

Young children were wild, without goals,

And old men lay silent to brood.

Etiquette, the truth, the world as it used to be,

Was buried and left untold,

The girl lay in prison, grieving and depressed,

Unaware of the events to unfold...