- - -

One night in Starlightland,

The girl awoke in prison at sunrise,

She stretched and looked outside,

And it took her a moment to realise.

The Earth had somehow changed,

There was silence everywhere,

As the girl pondered this surprise,

A beauty spread over here and there.

Looking out the bars of her cell,

Everything was bathed in green,

She felt the magic trickling in her veins,

Returning her to a place so serene.

She cast a spell to free herself,

To escape from this weakness inside,

With a sound that cannot be described,

She fought the guards and she finally felt alive.

It was like God had intervened,

Or at least some special power,

She staggered outside, covered in blood,

And with trembling hands, took hold of a flower.

It was a daisy, common and pretty,

She felt tears sting her eyes as she remembered,

The ordeal her brother had gone through,

And in the end, how he had trembled.

The powers of evil had captured her lover,

Dearest Michael, he had disappeared,

She stood still and whispered a charm,

To burn this fortress and all she had feared.

Then turning to face the Sun again,

She suveyed her surroundings for a while,

Then beginning the long journey ahead,

Her eyes lit up, and her features shone like her smile...

She had escaped...