By:Andrew Troy Keller

Once there was a girl,
Whose beauty was that of a living pearl.
But,even though she had looked mild,
However,it was her heart that was wild.
As in way too wild for any other girl.

Her name was Susan McScoot,
And all the time,she'd run around in her birthday suit.
As in she wasn't meant to be rude.
But,even in public,she'd rather be nude,
And run around all the time in her birthday suit.

With her,no one knew
Exactly what to do.
Instead of going back home,
She would rather have sex with Rick Storm,
Who was every bit as weird as the Sunnyville Cuckoo.

Then a while back,
She had done something that broke the straw on the camel's back.
Susan had walked nude
Into the house of some snobish rich dude,
And shocked everyone onto a rack.

So remember,no matter where you go,
And no matter what you do,
Please avoid the Sunnyville Cuckoo,
Or she'll really drive you cuckoo.
I thank you.