Dedication: I'm dedicating this story to my dear friend Katie, even though she refuses to read it. I love you "hubby".


For almost 750 years everything was relatively peaceful after Solena and Rindate ended their feud. The two former enemies joined together to form the greatest alliance the world had ever known. They merged their governments and eventually a common government and culture were formed.

Now, 746 years later, chaos is breaking out all over the two countries.

Between Rindate and Solena lies the tiny country known as Wrev. The three countries fit together like an arch, Wrev acting as the keystone holding them together. The small country has always followed the laws of its surrounding countries, so no one expected there to be problems with the new government. Wrev finds the new laws unfavorable to its people and wants to start its own government. Solena and Rindate want to merge the three counties into one and won't allow Wrev to separate.

Being so small, Wrev is in desperate need of reinforcement if they want freedom. That back up is found across the Gridniot Sea in the country of Antello. They manage to set up an alliance in a short period of time and war begins.

This is the first major dispute Rindate and Solena have been involved in since joining forces together, and things are not running as smoothly as they could be.

All of this turmoil offers the perfect opportunity for the power-hungry ruler of Solena to dispose of the one person that keeps the crown from being completely hers.

The monarchs are walking on thin ice, and it's only a matter of time before the ice cracks and they all fall in.

Hey everyone. This is the first new story I've posted in over a year so I may be a little rusty. Let me know what you think. And this chapter may have been rather boring but it's really just a recap of all the political problems going on during the story. It's all written from the POV of a 16-year-old girl and will hopefully be more interesting. I'm thinking about starting a website for this but since I cannot make a website for the life of me, I may start its own myspace. Give me some feedback on that idea please. Or if anyone wants to volunteer for helping me start a real website, please do. Thanks for your time and I really hope you liked it! I'm also looking for someone to beta this story. Feel free to email me anytime with questions or whatnot at .