kissing kissing kissing you
deep light, tongue twisting sucking teeth biting, hard.
deep breathing soft breathing, smelling you constantly, your breath in my face in my lungs in my nose.
silly sound of sucking, you smile I laugh, your tongue entangles
my heart speeds up and
I'm kissing kissing kissing you, hard.

hand wandering asking questing testing teasing tickling feeling, and suddenly
I'm thinking panicking am I really doing this?-ing and pulling you tight against me, trying to trap your hands between our bodies but you keep touching
and it feels like heaven when I'm out of control.

A/N: I experimented with a lot of different punctuation's for this and finally decided on the absolute minimum. This poem is sort of a response to "Don't Touch Me" in that I am comparing my feelings at that time to my feelings now and the experience is so different that it's unbelievable how much this relationship is healing old wounds.