Another Hero

Summary: Wetherview Village is in desperate need of a hero. Whenever a male is born they are sent to war. One male is unknowingly the soulmate of the enemy; soulmates being extremely rare especially in this time and age.

Warnings: Male/Male pairings

Another Hero

Chapter 1

In Wetherview Village it was both a blessing and a curse to have a boy. When the Killua child was born Rai wept with both relief and sadness.

Only having enough time to name his son before he was dragged off to war he turned to his wife who was crying into her hands. Their first born son was gone, but in Rai's and his wife's opinion something worse was going to happen.

Rai sat down at his wife's motion, but even sitting down did not prepare him for the news of his son. His son… his son had a soulmate; a soulmate; a male soulmate. The son of the enemy; the boy called… Yue Kozutoko.

"Killua!" The general in command of unit 10-B barked. A light brown haired boy made a negative grunt before curling up further in his futon.

There was a smack and the boy screamed opening his hazel eyes and quickly moving from his futon and the angry general's whip.

"Third time this week, Killua; if you can't get your act together, boy…" The general quickly left and Roku Killua sighed in relief.

Already at the age of twelve and used to the whippings. Five more years and he would be able to leave this place, this hell… for war. Silently he thought it would be better than here.

"And finally, I grudgingly admit that Killua, Roku is able to fight and lead a group into war." Headmaster Kiroen glared at a smirking Roku.

"I'd thank you Headmaster, but that would give you way too much pleasure." Roku stood and walked towards the podium. He looked over the ten or so fifteen to seventeen year olds there, "Alright everyone. We're getting out of this hell-hole. How do you feel?"

Roku's smirk got larger as he heard cheering. Good. They were listening, "Now. We're going to war; all of us… and we were put into this group, why?" He let his smirk form into a fake grin. "Because we get along and we can throw massive parties!"

The audience cheered and laughed, believing Roku's enthusiasm was real. Believing Roku considered any of them friends.

"I'm joking. It's because each of us have weaknesses which other's have strengths in. True, it's that we get along as well, but it's mostly so we have a good upper hand against the enemy. So crew, are we gonna sit back and let them shoot us and our families?" Roku mentally smirked. They were practically eating out of his hand.

"Hell no!" The males cheered and stood. They walked for the gate and Roku started walking behind them. Marching made too much unneeded noise after all.

As they stepped out of the gate and across the bridge they were free the hell-hole and the protection it offered.

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