Chapter 1

Alex North stared out of the small, circular, aeroplane window and sighed dramatically, fogging up the glass. This was the most boring ride ever, especially as she was surrounded by all the posh-toff, wealthy Londoners. Both men and women were rather snobby and looked at her as if she was an annoying bug.

Her eyes drifted past and settled on a guy opposite her. He had sandy coloured hair and she wasn't sure what colour eyes, though they looked greeny grey. Delicious, she thought appreciatively as he secured headphones around his head and began to listen to some music. He was hot, though not as hot as Brad Mackey. All the girls adored and worshipped him, day and night, though he hardly noticed any. He was a hunky sized guy with simple blonde hair and six-packs, but of course, although Alex was not unpopular, she wasn't popular either; sort of in between.

Anyway, she was taken, secured and safe with Damian Craig, and although he wasn't as hot as this guy opposite her or as hot as Brad, he was worth admiration.

Alex was from Leicester, a small town in the middle of England and wore simple jeans and a blouse. She was more of a tomboy but she did like having her hair done and adored shoes, except that in her case it was admiration for trainers rather than sandals. Sighing again, she looked out of the window and watched the sun reflect off the mass of water in every direction. They were flying over the sea (of which Alex didn't know the name) and were heading to France where Alex was being forced to live for the Summer holidays.

Alex loved France but the people she was staying with were dreadful. Her cousins were twins who unfortunately, were exactly opposite her in every manner.They loved sandals and cinderella gowns and not to mention make-up. They were about a year smaller than her but even so, they could be the most childish, annoying people on Earth. In fact, Alex was seriously beginning to doubt whether they were even humans. 'Maybe they're aliens,' she thought, 'that'd explain their strange, abnormal ways.' Allowing herself a trace of a smile, she leaned back and dozed.

Meanwhile, the plane was flying about halfway across the sea when the pilot heard something that made his blood run cold. The management people from the airport were constantly in touch with all flying planes to make sure that there were no problems. Right now, the heaphones crackled to life and a calm, females voice spoke urgently,

"We have received a bomb threat from an anonymous caller. Please do not panic and carefully and quickly evacuate the plane. I repeat, carefully and quickly evacuate the plane..." The young pilot swallowed painfully and cleared his throat. Switching to the speaker phone he repeated the message calmly and quickly in several languages. Even before he heard the crying, he could hear people scrambling to their feet in panic, grabbing their children and seeking their luggage. It really was remarkable that they could worry about such trivial things right now. Air hostesses strolled through the planes, helping people into their life saving jackets and calmly reassuring them and explaining what they had to do. The young pilot wiped his sweaty hands and flew the plane as steadily as he could, constantly searching for an immediate landing place.

Alex got up when she heard the panic and grabbed the nearest air hostess by the arm. The lady gave her a dirty look but Alex didn't care as she asked her what happend. Once she knew however, she felt fear course through her body. She was going to die! No, she was too young, it wasn't possible. But Alex knew she was just misleading herself as she buckled on the life jacket and felt her head spin. Quickly, she knelt down on the cramped floor and began to pray, 'Oh god, wherever you are, if you're there then please listen to me. You can't let me die, I'm too young and what about these people? Yeah, maybe they're posh-toffs and snobby but each one has good in them right? I mean...'

She was interrupted by a hysterical woman balling her eyes out. Sympathetically, Alex handed her a tissue andquickly headed towards the emergency exits that flew open and let fierce air rush through. Steeling herself to jump, she looked around and felt a parachute being buckled onto her back by a thin, strong lady. Obviously, she was an air hostess too but she seemed different somehow. She scowled but gave her instructions about how to control the parachute and how to land. She also reassured Alex (yeah, right)with a little bit of advice,

"Don't worry about sharks darling, you'll be safe and sound." Then she turned and began to speak with another person.

Alex turned to the emergency door and swallowed nervously. It was way too scary. She felt like screaming but her throat was blocked and everything seemed to have gone quiet. Breathing in, she took a tentative step to the edge and looked down.

Woah! She made to step back but her feet moved in the wrong direction and before she knew what was happening, she was falling!

Astonished, Alex felt wind whipping her face, distorting it and making her eyes water. The blue sea loomed even closer and her hair whipped back in the air. Breathless, she tried to scream, but she couldn't even do that. Her hands flapped uselessly at her sides catching strings from her parachute. 'Parachute!' Yes! She just had to pull that string and everything would be fine. Carefully, she managed it and felt herself suddenly strangled by the tight buckles. For a while, she floated in mid-air then slowly, she came down but it wasn't easy. The ghastly wind threw her this way and that, twisting her body and making it impossible to see below. After a few minutes of fruitless flapping, her hands caught the ropes once again and manoevered it so that she blew in certain directions.

But this hanging in the air was not to be. Alex floated down into the middle of the sea, just remembering to shrug off the parachute so that she wouldn't be dragged down to the bottom. Tired and terrified, she tried to swim but it was impossible. The life jacket kept her afloat but it wouldn't prevent some shark from biting her legs off. Hours later, she was still there but now, unconscious, floating in the middle of nowhere.

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