Chapter 5: The kiss

Alex stood rooted to the spot, staring at the ugly snake with horror and fear. It was a purply, bronze colour and had a little forky, red tongue slithering out of its mouth. It arched back, staring at her with its red slit-like eyes. Alex had no idea what to do. It could be poisonous and then she'd be dead and what about David? Surely he'd come bursting across any second?

Seconds ticked by and still it didn't move. Alex swallowed painfully and felt hot and cold with fear. Moving her hand slightly, she prepared to jump up and run but to her dismay, her body seemed out of control. She could feel every muscle tense and waiting, as still as a statue.

Suddenly, something moved out of the corner of her eye. She tipped her head sideways slightly but at that very second, the snake sprung forward. Alex lurched to the ground shrieking and jumped up fast. The snake was on the rock, slithering with speed towards her. Pushing back her hair, she ran painfully until she was sure the snake was out of reach. The wind whipped back tears she hadn't even known she was crying. Wiping them, she felt shivers and tremors still racking her body. She sat down after a while leaning against the trunk of a tree and before she knew it, she lost it. She was just so terrified. What if she never saw her mum again and what if no one came to their rescue? She'd be stuck in this strange island that seemed like heaven and hell combined into one with a boy she had a crush on who didn't like her back in that way. This was just so incomprehensible.

Exhausted, after a while Alex pulled her knees up to her face and closed her eyes, trying to imagine the friendly, warm atmosphere of her house and not the freezing, soaking wet feel of her butt. She thought of her green coloured, calm bedroom with its pot-plants and creamy carpet and the double-glazed windows that she decorated at Christmas with glass paintings and…and… But a picture of David floated unbidden to her mind. The way his cheek crinkled when he smiled…the way his long eye-lashes captured her green ones hypnotically…the way his six-packs stood out impressively…the way he calmed her down just by talking to her…

"Jesus, F Christ!" exclaimed a male voice directly above her. Alex raised her head slowly and looked at David's face, startled.

"David!" And to her dismay, she began to cry. His forehead crinkled in concern as he pulled her up and hugged her. She was wet, cold and shivering and she looked a total mess. Her hair was covered in twigs and sand and her face was tear-streaked and pale.

Alex hugged him back with relief and wonder. How on earth had he known where she was and how had he found her? She just pressed her cheek against his shoulder and wept away the terror of the snake incident, the hidden fear that they would never be rescued, the frustration that she didn't know if he loved her, the dread that she would never see her parents again and the panic and claustrophobic feeling of being helpless and stuck on an island.

David listened to her heart-wrenching sobs with sadness. He hid the feelings he had better than her, but both of them felt the same fear about the island and of never seeing their families again. He couldn't imagine not playing with his little brother Mick or hanging out with Adam and Jack. He wondered what had happened to her to make her so scared and he asked her, listening to the answers with sympathy.

When she'd calmed down a little, Alex peeled herself from him reluctantly and gave a wobbly but grateful smile.

"Sorry about…that. I just sort of lost it and seeing the snake brought out all the fear of not seeing my parents again and stuff…" To her surprise, he seemed closer to her than before and he wore an odd expression.

"What?" She began to ask but before she knew what was happening, David's lips were touching hers and fireworks were going off behind her eyes. Her body arched towards his like a magnet and her arms automatically went around his neck to pull him closer. The same went for him. David began to stroke her back and he kissed her with fervour and zeal. He had never felt this way or responded towards someone with this much passion and excitement, not even with Melissa.

Melissa! He gasped and pushed away from Alex. What on Earth was he doing kissing Alex? Guilt gnawed at him and he pretended not to notice the confusion and hurt that had appeared on Alex's face. Running his hands through his hair in agitation, he looked up at the sky, at a loss for words.

Alex couldn't understand what had happened. One second she was weeping onto his shoulder, the next kissing him and then being thrust off. Damian had never been such an awesome kisser though and comparing David with him seemed like comparing a star with the Sun. She swore under her breath as she remembered that she was already taken. What had she done? It couldn't count for two-timing. After all, it was only one kiss, right? But she felt guilt crowd her head and she avoided looking at David.

Both for a while looked elsewhere, then David muttered "sorry" and looked up at her. They stared at the other's face for a clue as to what to do next but both faces were unreadable. After a second that seemed like an eternity, Alex cleared her throat and said in a voice that sounded way too husky, even to her ears,

"We'd better get back to the shelter before it starts raining again." He nodded and followed her slim figure as shadows began to lengthen and she disappeared into the woods...

Hey guys, what do u think? I tried to make it a little mushy in this one for the romantic audience but unfortunately, I don't think I caught the atmosphere properly for I'm no expert at it :-) Well, aaaaaaaaanywayz, read it and tell me wot u think! Love ya' all,