Author's Note: Hey, look! Another multi-chapter story that has nothing to do with either Fate's Game or the Necromancer! Yes, I need help. This has been noted. And, check it out, it's from a guy's point of view! Expanding these horizons, yes I am.
Well, onto the story!

A Thin Line
by andromeda311

"There's a thin line between genius and insanity."
Introduction: The Truman Show, almost

My name is James Matheson. I'm a 30-year old psychiatrist. In other words, I figure out what makes crazy people crazy, and, hopefully, how to cure them. I've often told my friends I should have sprung for that Manager position at McDonald's.

As I said, I'm a psychiatrist, and I'm not exactly happy being one, though people seem to think I'm very good at it. So, they introduced me to the case of Lena Branson, a 28-year old college student from UAB. Apparently, they had taken her life rather seriously.

It sounded like the Truman Show, almost. They literally filmed this girl's life, from the first time she took an IQ test that placed hers near the one of Einstein. The went in (with her parent's permission and without her knowledge) and placed hidden video cameras all around her house, then when she moved into her dorm at her college, they'd placed them there, in the classrooms, in the lunchroom, on the walls outside, in the halls, everywhere she went (except, of course, the bathrooms—they couldn't get permission for that). Naturally, the first question that came to mind when they told me this was something the effect of "why the hell do you care about her so much?"

They explained that they wanted to 'research' her life, discover if her upbringing made her any smarter than she already was. As a psychiatrist, this struck even me as dumb. Ignoring the look on my face, they kept going, saying that she had seemed totally normal, just smart, then suddenly, she seemed to lose it. At random, Lena Branson went insane, they said.

They wanted me to watch the days upon days of tapes, then talk to her, try and coax out the reason for her sudden insanity. They'd found nothing, they told me, and wanted to see if I had absorbed more from the textbook while cramming for exams than they had (doubtful). But I agreed, anyway.

And so I began a videotaped journey through someone else's life, starting at the tender age of 13 and going on right up until she was committed 6 months previously.

I wasn't as ready for it as I thought I was.