Soft cotton linen

and every morning,

the faint scent of spring;

Your body

pressed against my flesh,

wrapped deep within the melody,

I would listen to 'Holliday' sing.

Sweet touch of your lips lightly upon my cheek,

as you take my hand in the pouring rain as we quickly cross the street;

laughing at one another

because we loved what life can bring;

no words spoken between us,

only a knowing wink.

Each day

I learned to love you better than the last,

and with this memory of moments,

I'm left living in the past.

I tap the side of the hour glass

for just a grain of sand

or two;

So that I may once again

be held within the deep embrace of you.

The very thought of you

and I cant hide the regret of what will never be;

I close my eyes now and some years later

even still,

these dreams of you

surround my soul and mind like a candle

within a wreath.

And in those thoughts of you and I

lying silently side by side,

midnight felt like morning as you held me

when we'd sleep.

Kimberly ellis