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I grinned at the sight on the deck, at all the happy pirates dancing their hearts out and taking drinks from their pints of ale. Laughing, I joined the celebration and began dancing with a petite blonde lass. It was a joyous occasion and I was glad to partake in it.

My father stood watching on the bridge, my mother at his side, and each with smiles plastered on their faces to show they were just as happy as the crew. I let out a loud chuckle and ran over to them, trying to urge my mother to dance with me. She protested at first, saying she was too old to dance like the other lively girls, but she gave in when I flashed her my charming smile.

It was a bliss to see my mother enjoying herself. Ever since her sickness the year before, she's never been as well as she was. I swung her around, a huge grin adorning my own face. When the dance was over, I let her dance with my father's first mate, going back up to the bridge where my father stood.

Haldis Valora is my father's full name, but others mostly know him as 'Haldis the Harrowing'. He is an infamous pirate known throughout the Freya Seas and has robbed plenty of ships to support his family and the crew. That was why everyone was celebrating this night. Today we had robbed two fancy aristocrat ships, earning more than enough for the rest of the summer.

"Aidan," my father greeted when I reached him.

I grinned. "Hello, father. How are the festivities?"

Father chuckled. "You are always easily excited." He watched as my mother switched dancing partners. "I am glad you are including her in the celebration."

Throwing my head back, I laugh. "Why wouldn't I? Mother needs to enjoy herself once in awhile. It's not healthy to be melancholy all the time."

We both chuckled for several seconds and then I watched him as he leaned against the railing on the bridge. I peered into his green eyes, just like mine only they held more…experience in them, and I wondered what he was thinking.

Father turned to me and grinned, "I have a special assignment for you, Aidan, my boy."

My hopes perked up. Father was sending me on a mission. What a glorious day this has turned out to be. I nodded for him to go on.

Clearing his throat, Father whispered silently so as not to let anyone hear us (very few members of the crew were chosen to go on a mission and often became resentful to anyone who got the chance), "We have more than enough for the rest of the summer, maybe even the rest of the year, which is why I think we can all take a break for a couple of months. I know that the weather this year has been harsh on the men, so I think they will welcome a break. But there is something that I need you to do for me. Something very important."

I become excited at his last few words. "What is it?"

"There is a school not far from the town we will be arriving at. It is said there is a local noble who has sent his child to attend that school." He leads me into the cabin on the bridge, leaving the celebration to be ignored for now. He gives me a map, some documents, and a well painted picture the size of my palm. "The child is worth more than twice the amount we have gathered today."

I gasped. "Are you saying you want me to kidnap this child?"

Father nods. "That is exactly what I am saying. But there is still more you need to know. About the child and the school." Unfolding the map, he tells me the exact location of the school the child is attending and gives me useful tips about the land around it. Using his finger, he points to a large castle like structure several miles away from the school. "This is the Citadel, where the child's family lives. After a couple of months, when the crew is well rested, I plan to seige the Citadel and steal a very important possession."

"What's the possession?" I ask.

Father sighs and leans against the table, his eyes dark. "It's an heirloom my great grandfather lost a long time ago."

"Then why do I need to kidnap this child?"

"The noble who claims to be the child's father is an impostor. He stole her from a friend of mine that he murdered at the exact same time he stole our heirloom." Father explained. "And no doubt the noble has let her see the heirloom, so she might know where it is."

I nod. "Is there anything else you wish to tell me?"

"The school and the child are not ordinary. The school was built hundreds of years ago for mages, which is why the child is attending it instead of finishing school. She is a mage." Father takes the picture from my hand and holds it in front of him, admiring the little girl who was painted. I also glanced at the picture. If I was to kidnap this child, then I had to know what she looked like.

After a second or two, I opened my mouth and asked, "How will I get into the school?"

Father is dressed in nobles attire. As am I. We are both wearing a stark white undershirt covered by a black tunic. My breeches are black, and his are light brown. He is wearing rings on almost every one of his fingers and has also let me wear a golden necklace with the nobles' seal on it. I feel very uncomfortable in these new clothes. Before, all I had worn were torn tunics and breeches. On some days I wore no tunic at all. Being fully clothed was a weird experience for a pirate like me.

Right now we are seated on fine leather chairs in the headmistress's office. She is asking father about which house we are from. Father told me that we are supposed to pretend to be nobles from Sea House, the house that worships water and the seas. It was easy for us to pretend we worship the sea—we've lived on it for almost our whole lives.

This was the only way to get into the school. We had to play dress up and pretend to be nobles, since this school will only admit nobles and mages. But I had no mage skills, so the latter option was useless.

The headmistress and Father are shaking hands. It seems as though I have been admitted. Which means I will have to spend the next couple of months or so in a school of magic surrounded by snot-nosed nobles and arrogant mages.

It's not something I'm looking forward to.

I am allowed one last day with my father and mother before I can start attending Sages School for Nobles and Mages. The crew holds a going away party for me. Obviously, they have heard about the mission, which is why most of them are holding grudges under their masks of happiness for me.

I leave the celebration for awhile and spend an hour talking with my mother. She is worried that I have to leave her. I comfort her and remind her that I am only sixteen years of age, which is older than she was when she was taken as a bride by my father. But I promise to send her letters often. Hopefully, she will get better while I am gone.

At night, I leave my hammock and the other pirates who are telling ghost stories around a lanturn. I take my own lanturn and go up on deck so I can look over the documents father gave me for my mission.

It turns out the child I am to kidnap is no child. Her name is Lady Gwyneth of Karua and she is sixteen, like me. When I looked over her picture, I noted that she had brown hair and bright blue eyes and very pale skin. It was important that I remembered what she looked like so that I can sort her out from the rest of the people at the school.

Next, I look at the documents that has the information of my identity on them. Father says that it is crucial that every crew member that goes on a mission has to have a new identity so if they are found out, no one knows their true identity. Mine is to be Sir Sebastian of Trom, a land far to the east of the Freya Seas.

I sigh and look out over the docks of Karua, the town just a little ways south of the school I shall be attending. We arrived several days ago at this small town, and it took me only half a day to search through the whole town. I easily spotted the Citadel simply because of its size, which was much bigger than the square little stone houses that ran throughout Karua. There were hardly any guards at the gates because Karua is such a poor country compared to Nilel, the land where I was born.

Someone pokes my shoulder. It is Miira, a crew member with blonde hair lighter than mine and dark brown eyes the color of dirt. She is smiling at me with her big, cherry red lips. I grin back at her and look back at the dock. Not one for being ignored, Miira slaps the back of my head to get my attention again.

"What do you want?" I ask rudely.

She pouts and leans on the railing of the deck. "I just wanted to ask if you were nervous about tomorrow, is all."

"Well, I'm not nervous, so you can just scat." I grumble. She pouts again.

"What is with you? I've never seen you this tense before." Miira comes to stand right beside me. She places both of her hands on my shoulders and tries to release the tension in my body with her skills.

Miira is my father's mage. Like every other mage, she has five skills: healing, sight, warmth, mind control, and mind reading, each one a very good skill. She is to accompany me at the school after about a month's time.

"Listen, all you have to do is befriend this girl to gain her trust and that'll make it easier for you to kidnap her. If she trusts you, she won't be suspicious." Miira consoles, patting my shoulder. I shrug her away and she leaves.

I wonder how Miira feels about my mission. About getting 'close' to this girl. It's not a secret that Miira holds strong feelings for me and gets jealous at every other girl I look at. One time I even dared to kiss a local merchant girl who lived off the coast of Cruan and Miira punched her.

I chuckle at Miira's obsession with me. It's funny in a way, but it's not like I actually like her fauning over me every day. It gets annoying, especially because there's the fact that I don't like Miira anymore than a friend. She doesn't get that, though.

I look out over the docks again and watch the bright moon in the sky. This time tomorrow, I will be in a different place, possibly somewhere without a clear view of the sea. Whenever I spent a night in a place that wasn't the ship, I always made sure I could see the sea.

I yawned and began to make my way back to my cabin. Tomorrow, Father and Mother will leave with the crew and journey back to Nilel to spend their break from pirating there. Tomorrow, I will start my first day at Sages School for Nobles and Mages.

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