So, back to Erika.

You know how everybody has that one special person who somehow manages to act as a catalyst to change everything in your life. That was Erika.

Even though she was Molly's best friend, or maybe it was because she was Molly's friend, she never gave up on me. I am pretty used to being given up on. Between my teachers discarding my existence to teach more malleable students and all the other students avoiding me for a slightly more normal playmate I learned to embrace solitude more and more. After I had left McNair I had been left with no friends, other than the alliance with Brett I formed no actual relationships.

That may not seem like much of a big deal but for a girl my age to have no other friends my age or gender, it really was. If somebody had realized then what was up and made measures to correct it, I would be a very different person now. Whether that's a good or bad thing I guess I'll never know but either way I continued without any even moderately close relationships for about three years. Then Erika decided to come in and throw my well ordered life into the most delightful chaos I have ever been subjected to.

She just wouldn't leave me alone.

Always, whenever Molly and she had something planned she would invite me. She acted like Molly and I were both her friends and like we were of equal importance to her.

I was important to her. Not because I was Molly's sister but because I was me.

I have never asked her why she was so persistent, even if I did ask it would probably just confuse her. She may have seen me as different, but she only paid attention to that which was the same. That was enough for her.

Truthfully though, I have never quite figured out how we did finally end up getting along as well as we did.

I had become the polar opposite of my sister and she and Erika were two peas in a pod. Erika even looked more like Molly than I did

We'd go to the mall together. They'd forcefully drag me into clothing stores and whip up outfits for me to try on as I stared in horror and did my best to escape this terrifying new method of torture. Then I would succeed in getting away and they would give me an hour before prying me out of the bookstore.

And somehow the topic of twins came up often, the person we were talking to would nod their head sagely at Molly and Erika, "yes, you two really do look alike," then I would sheepishly say "I'm actually the twin". Until we got our I.D.s it was near impossible to get them to believe us.

Finally, a new computer! My old one crashed and I was just recently able to recover some of its files, including this story. It's been awhile since I have written on it so it may take me awhile to get back in the swing of things, but this chapter was already saved.

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