It isn't napalm – and it don't feel so
Run for cover even as it coats our homes
Scream for humanity, but don't inhale
Because my skin is tickled by malicious white clouds
Saw my neighbors, well I saw their bones
Nicely outfitted with ashy clothes
Their figures and faces were nicely bent
Bodies in the streets with white phosphorous

It isn't napalm – they destroyed it all
After good ole' Vietnam
No more civilian-applied warfare chemicals
But white phosphorous apparently must not count
Used against insurgents, well I'm no enemy
I've never followed al-Zarqawi
But white phosphorous, scalding white death
We're dying by the hypocrisy of the US

It isn't napalm – it's white phosphorous
Stuck to your furniture once the Americans left
"Shh!" go the Pentagon bureaucrats
"Our legitimacy increases when you don't possess this knowledge!"

I thought Saddam Hussein was gone
I thought no more Iraqis were being bombed
But white phosphorous proved us all wrong
When Fallujah died breathing in its poison