Bleeding tears from these many broken veins

to inane to stop the flow of immagery

from my minds eye i can see the distruction

wrought by my own hands

though i cant comprehend the pressure of these things

my soul recoils at the mention of salvation

for this nation of heathens has taken over the world

over shadowin the greatest places man could ever behold

unsated this polution reaches a maximum store

and spreads accross the universecountless worlds it devours

leaving sour tastes on my tongue

unraveling all the good deeds that we buddhas have done

stand down from your posts all you bringers of war

weve all forgotten what it is we've been fighting for

all the mothers in the homeland raising childrens for us

mournthe mothers in the warzone raising children against us

each nation praying to the gods of creation

callin forth the wrath of gods to destroy this

single soul who stands alone with no blood on her hands

whose voice can beheard echoing in far distant lands

askin for understanding and a chance to let the world hear her words

all the children stand up and seek out a few verbs

to express the true feelings that they hold deep inside

what they do to illeminate all the fear that they hide

little brothers and sisters my voice is the wind

my eyes hold the sunshine and i promise and end

to the dark days and cold bitter nights

there will be no more fighting

no more painful plights.