Photos and Memories:

Photos aren't about quality anymore. Mostly, they're just about happy snaps, faces smiling, or candid shots, someone making the weirdest face, or randoms, no one even looking at the camera.

Photos are all about digital cameras and then posting them up on a site somewhere, for all the world to see.

Ally stumbled up someone's online album and clicked the link.

An old friend, but given that they hadn't talked in forever, it kind of felt like she was invading. Oh well.

The link proved to show formal photos and she was rather interested. She knew a couple of other people who could be there, seeing as they went to the same school as said friend.

Sometimes it felt like she missed out on something.

There was one of him and his girlfriend.

She felt a pang of... regret? No. But something.

She had liked him in year three. A childhood crush, but was somewhat interesting. It had revived in year six, when they were in the same class again, but then high school came and it didn't matter anymore.

She scrolled through the photos. Everyone looked really good.

She thought to her own upcoming formal. Three weeks. It wasn't too far off, but it wasn't close enough for her to start worrying that much. She already had the dress; there just wasn't anything else that could get her going to go and buy the rest of the things: shoes, accessories, and decide on how to do her hair.

Glimpsing a familiar face, she paused, then looked down at the caption.

Yeah, it was him.

Wow. Talk about getting hot.

But it wasn't like she had ever talked much to him when they were "friends" so who cared anyway?

But it was weird to think of things like that.

Where had childhood gone?

Ally sighed. She could still remember the first day at that new school, where she'd met them all, or re-met people again. It had been interesting. Those two years had been an awesome time, and a huge part of her sometimes wished that she could just go back to that. It was simple and she liked it that way. Everyone was friends, maybe not the best of friends, but friends enough that everyone got along without too much bitching and all the trivialities that seemed to get to her with the friends these days.

Or maybe that was just a part of growing up.

She hadn't talked to a lot of them in a while.

Then again, they might be thinking the same thing.

Or they couldn't care less.

She kind of wondered what it would have been like if they'd all gone on to the same high school. Impossible, but one could always create "what if" opportunities in one's mind.

She turned again back to the photos.

They all looked good.

A huge part of her was scared about the formal, scared that she wouldn't be up to par with everyone else.

Since when did she care about her appearance?

She guess it was this whole formal thing. Maybe she was getting a little obsessive.

It was all really stressful.

And the whole date situation?

Well maybe the whole date thing wasn't as overrated as she had thought it was.

Or maybe she only wanted a date so that she could destroy the elaborately planned "three tables of ten people" arrangement that had been organised by a select group of people.

Democracy my ass, she thought.

Ally sighed. This wasn't like her. Usually she didn't care about all these things. Last year, if you'd have asked her, she would have told you that she might not even go to the formal. "Too much of a hassle" she would have said.

Yet now...

Too many questions about the formal from a certain someone, and she was getting a little scared.

What if he asked her? What would she say?

She hated this whole thing with friends and asking them to the formal. Because what if the friends actually liked the person they were asking, but they said no?

Way to screw up a perfectly alright friendship.

So then why was she wondering about a certain someone?

Why did she want him to ask her?

Even if she already liked someone else? Someone who was the most perfect guy she could ever think of, but who would never notice her as anything but a little sister.

Again, Ally sighed, then closed the window.

The formal pictures were getting to her. It was nice to see everyone happy over at their school, but she could just imagine everything going wild on the night: people bitching, backstabbing, and a lot of broken friendships.

Who knew what it would bring?

She certainly didn't, but she knew that looking at photos like that weren't going to get her anywhere.

All photos brought up were memories.

And memories were simply the past, sometimes even figments of one's imagination.

Memories were the past, and no matter how good they were, they should stay in the past, otherwise, people got hurt.

Ally collapsed on to her bed, tears staining her cheeks.

Ok... I don't know. I was actually doing all this... except for the crying. But felt like it. Sigh.