The winds howling in my ears

The pounding of my heart

As I run ever faster

Through the nightmare of my life

Everywhere I scream and cry

Everywhere I look and see

People yelling

Bloody hands grabbing

And everything I know

Is painfully living

All I ever hear

Is them telling me what I can't do

Not ever paying attention

To m life I know filled with pain

How many times I've thought

Of the selfless killing

That could end my pain forever

And rescue me from here

About how I could haunt

The ones who make me mad

As I run my hand over

The sharp blade of death

I think of all the times

I laughed and I smiled

I know that they were only
Acts of pain to survive

As I stare at the sword of dying

My eyes water at the site

Knowing that when I leave this world

There is no turning back

And I drop the knife

Sweat drips down my face

I could be dead right now

I stop this hellish screaming

But I've backed away once more

But to try again another day

The guts I do not have

To change my life for good

Looking down at my would-be-murderer

I know it will be but another failed attempt