Screaming out for others

Looking for the ones you love

Hoping that you survived

The blowing pain

You never thought it would happen

Never thought it possible

That in this little town of people

Could be a killer

Someone out there had a heart so cold

To take the killing device and kill everyone

As blood is everywhere

You can't tell friend from foe

You ask all those around you

If they've seen your loved

All is confused

All doesn't know

What possibly would make

The person who did this do

Wondering questions

Non-answered they all are

But the hope never ends

That the lovers are still alive

You yell for help

But it never comes

If they even know

That you are dying

And the blood drips down your face

And onto the ground

You stare at the red

And wondering why

You slowly sink to the floor

Tired from calling for help

Crying and weeping

And god know what else


If not me

Let my family still be well

A bit dishevelled

But alive still

Praying that you

Survive all the mess

People screaming


Tears are lost over people no one even knows

Strangers loving strangers

Helping one another

It knocked us off out feet

But brought us close together

It was aimed to make us fall

But we stood back up

And the people hunt for the murders

And somehow pray they never find them

Think all the time

Of the ones they loved

We came together in times of pain

We will not let ourselves be pushed down

We will stand strong