To George, my friend,
We near the end,
Today was the day you died.
Four years ago,
We loved you so,
And when you left, we cried.

You never knew
Just what to do,
The impact that you had
Was even more
Than dozens before,
And you were just a lad!

You played guitar,
Became a star,
And taught the people to love,
Now without you,
We're down to two,
Because you've gone above.

You had a wife,
The perfect life,
More money than the average man,
But want it, did you?
The mansion, too…
No, for live without it you can.

You tried to see
The entity
Whose name you studied abroad,
You went to seek aid,
But it wasn't paid,
Off, and the man was a fraud.

But you had such good friends,
They were there to the end,
They were there with you by your side.
But then you succumbed,
You knew you were done,
And that was the night that you died.

To George, my friend,
We've reached the end,
And your life now has ceased.
But come November,
I will remember
That you are finally at peace.