The Baby Disease

The rotten stench of death lingers upon the land

But it seems that no one's taking a stand



Babies in coffins and their mothers don't even cry

That thing is a part of you, how can you let it just die?

Doctors performing surgery

Mothers without mercy

It's your fault for having sex you stupid whore!

Deal with the consequences and don't fuck anymore

I don't care if you used protection

That doesn't give you the right to treat your child like an infection

It's a living human being with thoughts, feelings and dreams

But no one cares about anything but themselves it seems

Maybe your mom should've just aborted you

Hit the cancel button, we'll just throw you away too

How would you feel if you were given a fair chance?

Fuck. Cancel. Fuck. Cancel. Fuck. Never a second glance

Just stick a knife in your baby's head

You won't cry after it's dead

Anything to get your instant gratification

You'll perform any mutilation