Nobody's Girl

A girl is crying on the street,

People don't care.

You think for one minute that girl can be you.

The past comes back to haunt you

Remembering of what could have been.

He haunts your dreams…

The night is filled with his whispers,

Of sweet words that

Pierce your heart.

The irony is

That you remember,

The words piercing through

Every wounds on your heart.

And like that girl left on the street,

You are Nobody's girl.

You sit and cry next to the girl…

And realize that this is your fate.

There's nothing that you can do,

Just like there's nothing to be done

To help the girl.

There's nothing left,

Only that

You are

Nobody's girl.

Author note: i wasn't sure if to put in love or life, so i put in both, because it falls under both! now please review! :)