12/19/07- If you're not a fan of the style of this chapter, I just wanted to let you know that it DOES change.

Chapter One

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She felt a light tap on her shoulder, one a friend might make if they're discretely trying to get your attention.

It must have been her imagination. No one had dared to sit by her.

Her focus remained trained on the television in the front of the room. An old black and white movie was playing; a classic, her teacher had insisted.

Another tap. Was she going crazy?

When she felt a third tap, she was almost positive she was. That is, until she heard a light whisper.


Turning around, she discovered him.

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His name was Jack Harding.

He was new.

She forgave him.

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"What?" she demanded angrily.

Guess she hadn't been so forgiving.

He looked taken back.

Obviously hadn't heard the rumors yet.

That is...if they were rumors.

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"Uh...I just was wondering if I could borrow your, um, notes."

She stared at him blankly.

"Mrs. Casper said that it would be good...if I got another student's notes...you know...from this class?"

The way he fidgeted uncomfortably in his seat, she began to wonder if he had heard the rumors.

Then...why would he have chosen to sit next to her?

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"Do I scare you?" she asked.

He looked taken back. "No."

She eyed him cautiously, but there were no outright signs that he was lying. No fidgeting, no twitching, nothing. In fact, his glaze stayed right there, fixed with hers.

No one had dared to look her in the eye - at least not anymore.

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"But I make you uncomfortable?"

"Are you usually comfortable when someone stares at you as if you have two heads?"

He didn't know how close his question came to the truth.

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"Do you usually ignore people when they ask questions?" he questioned.

"Do you usually ask questions to those who ignore you?" She fired back.

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He looked down, confused by this girl. Never before had anyone treated him in this fashion.

Obviously she didn't know who he was.

He extended his hand.

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"I'm Jack Har"-

"I know who you are," she snapped.

Guess not.

"Well...if you know who I am, aren't you going to tell me who you are?" he asked.

She shook her head. "That's alright."

"Come on," he urged.

"Would you just leave me alone?" She said this louder than the rest of their conversation, captivating the attention of their teacher.

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"Mr. Harding, Ms. Harcourt," their teacher said warningly.

At least he knew her last name now.

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"Would you like me to refer to you as 'Ms. Harcourt' from now on?" he questioned.

"No," she said, shaking her head. "I'd wish that you didn't refer to me as anything."

"Then how will you know that I'm talking to you?"

"That's the point."

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"What the hell is your problem?" Jack demanded.

"Class ends in a minute," she said.

That was not the answer he'd expected from her.

"What's that supposed to mean?" he asked.

"There's not enough time to give you the list," she answered.

Jack's mouth formed an "O".

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Her perception of time was a bit off, as the bell rang about fifteen seconds later. Jack had no time to come up with a response.

She quickly picked up her bag, swinging it over her shoulder, and stalked out of the room.

Jack tried to follow after her, but she maneuvered her way through the crowds easily, as she had a small frame.

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Jack crossed the campus, ducking into the principal's office.

The secretary took note of him and nodded.

Jack took a seat.

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Author's Note: If you're a bit confused right now, good. I wanted you to be. Details weren't given out here or in the profile because I don't want you to find out until the characters find out. The style is a bit unique. If you despise it or just think it's plain weird and unnecessary, I'll write the next chapter differently. Please review - I'd love feedback, criticism, anything.