If you were, one day,
To watch a child
Who was watching a ladybug
Crawl along a leaf
What do you think
The child's thoughts
Would be?

Would he be pondering
The bug's
Molecular structure?

Would he be reciting (in his mind)
The bug's
Scientific name?

Would he be contemplating
The history
Of the bug
How did it evolve?
Where are it's origins?


Most likely, the child
In question
Would wonder about
If the bug had a family
Where it's house was
Was it a boy or a girl?
It's a ladybug.
So it must be a lady.

The child would wonder then
If the bug had a name
Decide that perhaps she didn't
And name her Carla
After his best friend
Who has a dress
The same hue as the bug's ruby shell

The child would say,
"Where is your home?
Are youvery far?"

And he'd watch
The bug
Crawl under a leaf
And he'd nod
Quite seriously
"Like it should be, Ms Ladybug,
Everyone needs a home."

And he'd return to his
And to the little girl Carla
Who would be waiting on his porch
In that pretty
Ruby red