Tears On A Dance Floor

By writerforever

It is dark in the room. The only light is the moon's rays piercing through the window. It's rays shine up the dance floor made of wood. All is quiet.

A lone figure enters the room. She is in her twenties, a tall young woman with long black hair and dark green eyes. She is a troubled soul. Her heart is aching. Memories of the one she lost runs through her mind. This dance floor reminds her of him. He was always so passionate about dancing as she was. When they would dance together on this very floor the world and all the people in it seemed so far away.

Now though she is alone. She knows what she must do. She doesn't turn on any lights. Instead she walks over to a nearby CD player and turns it on. As the song, Crazy For You by Madonna, begins to play and echo out through the speakers, the young woman walks to the middle of the dance floor.

Standing tall and erect she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

It has been so long. It has been so long she has danced. It has been so long since she has swayed to the music.

With another deep breath she begins. Her movements are still as graceful as they ever were. Her feet move slowly and she lowers herself to the floor and sways. The music moves through her, she can feel it. She can feel him. This song, the song that is playing, was the very song that she and him had danced to. They had danced their last dance while this song had been playing.

They had been so young, so naive, and so in love. Their love, to many people, had seemed to perfect. But it had been a wondrous love filled with passion and dance.

Even now as she danced alone, she could almost feel his arms about her. She could almost feel his hands gently caressing her body as they swayed to the music. His hands had seemed so strong but yet so gentle.

His hair as dark as the night sky. And his eyes as deep as the ocean blue.

His body entwined with hers as they let the music move through them. Their shadows dancing on the walls. Their movements as one, their breath as one, and their heart as one.

It had been a time of innocence and passion. They had both thought it would last forever.

All she can remember is him collapsing as they danced at the competition. They were both in their early twenties by then. They had practiced with determination and courage for the dance competition.

Everything had been going perfect. Their dancing had been especially superb. They were certain they were going to win.

Sweat covered their bodies as they swayed to the music out on the dance competition floor. Both were filled with burning passion and were certain they would win. Suddenly he had collapsed onto the floor pulling her down with him.

He had been rushed to the hospital.

Later on he was diagnosed with cancer.

The rest is a blur to her except for his last words to her:

"Dance, never stop dancing. Dance for me until the day you die," he had whispered.

The rest is a blur. All she knows now is that her beloved is dead. Gone forever. She dances alone. She has no arms to hold her, no lips to kiss her softly, no partner to dance with her. So she must dance alone.

Lying out on the dance floor as the song comes to an end, she stretches her hands out. She rests her head on her outstretched arm and closes her eyes.

Tears begin to caress her face and they fall gently onto the dance floor.