Introduction: Photo

Silent to the touch were his footsteps as he crept across the pathed floor among the bushes. His heart was beating fast, his hands were trembling, and so was his camera.

Taking a photo of the one you love makes you nervous. Notably, he knew he looked like a perverted stalker which made it worse…but what really confused and embarrassed him, was the fact that the one he loved, the one he was risking his reputation for…was another man.
He hopped through the trees and bushes, following the other young boy's movements exactly. His hands were shaking rapidly, which meant taking a decent photo would be very difficult, but his eyes were focused, and set on finding a good shot.

Finally, it happened.

His love's face innocently turned forward, as he gazed deep into the sky. Immediately, his hands stopped shaking. Suddenly, for one moment he was overcome with amazement and bedazzlement. Stars filled his eyes and love filled his heart as he took the perfect picture.

The boy was of medium height, but had an elegant posture, with pale-yet-tanned skin. His kind yet mysterious and deviant blue eyes were filled with an array of colours and passion. His black hair swept in a breeze and like a river tailed out into the sky, and his slight and quiet smile seemed to shine through with a thousand words of beauty.

"yes," He thought, "this is the best picture of Ichigo Satochi ever…and it's mine…"the young boy, Kumi Furigawa, closed his eyes dreamily holding the camera close to his heart, then ran off before the love of his life noticed.