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Chapter 14: The Falling.

A Painful, ridiculed, helpless noise seemed to drag out from the young boy's lungs like a poison. He repeatedly washed his skin with cupped hands, trying desperately to somehow free himself from his own cage. His breaths came in short sharp rasps as he scraped his hands across his arms and legs, trying to forget what had happened hours before. Memories and scars and mouths and fierce laughter filled his mind, making his eyes blurry as he began to forget the world around him. His body felt stained, and black, and dirty… the cold wind that stabbed through his ribs and the humiliation that came with it, clung to Kumi's withering body and haunted him. Even after many years, this would still haunt him…

Finally, Kumi clasped his fingers into the ground and allowed the water to spread and choke his body. He lifted up his head and forced out a horrendous scream. He became blind, coughing and whining tonelessly like a ghost, and shifted downwards and curled up in his only place of sanctuary, slowly becoming his nightmare. His eyes slowly began to fade over in a mist, as despair and dread filled his lungs like blood…

Tomorrow… he thought.

Tomorrow…it's all over.

Kumi stumbled back into his bedroom, which now held a stench of bitter memories. School clothes became crumpled and gathered lightly in his fingers… he was grateful that Arachi had not ripped them up. His eyes crept to the corner where his other soggy and muddy clothes lay, in a beaten pile on the floor. He stared endlessly and coldly at the pile. Unable to remove this feeling of regret and hatred, as if it had been sewn into his skin like a label, Kumi's dilated dirt-like eyes began to gaze sourly. All he could see was Arachi. Overcome for just a moment with hatred, Kumi's hands began to shake rapidly with frustration… only to hear the same mocking voice, which would always put him back down.

Kumi's rightfully infuriated expression collapsed, as his once stern eyes once again glazed over with fright and confusion. He returned softly to his previous state, and held onto his fresh clothes desperately. He curled up on the edge of his bed, and began to cry silently. There next to him, lay a photo, now torn and covered in cum… as Kumi cried within himself helplessly; it seemed as if he had become disattched from the photo, now no longer able to look at it in its current state.

Still, it lay beside him, the perfect picture of the one he loved… unable to let go of it, no matter how much pain it caused.

Soon enough, the night had past in an agonisingly slow pace, and a cold morning had arrived. Kumi became like a child, unable to do up the buttons on his shirt as he dressed himself for school. Even though he was alone, he had become shy and small even in his own bedroom. He blushed in humiliation timidly as his quivering hands tried so hard to do up his tie. He stood up, and heaved a long weak sigh as he tried to prepare himself.

The boy bowed his head low. Now stripped of all self-confidence, he had become humble and horribly forlorn… he clung onto the ends of his school shirt gently, still feeling dirty and guilty… wearing the clean pure uniform, and nothing else but his un-bleached soft black hair, and his true expression shining through his eyes, Kumi was unable to see how beautiful he looked that day.

With every step closer to the door, Kumi's heart sank more and more with a complete loss of nerves. He closed his eyes, and stepped out of the door. Unable to move anywhere else, he embraced his cruel fate, but bravely walked on to school.

The school building loomed closer. Kumi suddenly became pale and lost his breath. His eyes widened as he choked in unusual shock, knowing fully well what was coming for him. He sank behind the wall to the entrance of the school, and began to breathe harder. Dread lunged like a knife into his body and walked, almost falling, to the entrance of the school. Of course, the crowds of people laughing and chatting dazedly were unaware of Kumi's fate, for now… floods of gasps and annoyed yelps arose as Kumi's subdued nature was undertaken by his masked personality. The rougher he became with every step he took towards his classroom, skilfully hiding his overwhelming heartbeat, he beat the people back with rage and screamed;

"Get out of my way, you IDIOTS!!" a faint touch of the true fear and helplessness shot through in his psycho-like screams. Please don't let this be it…

In an instant fluster, Kumi found himself reverting back to his shy, fear-stricken state. He forced open the classroom door and stumbled into the classroom in utter panic. His mind overflowed with wrenching shaking images of Arachi pointing, sneering, turning slowly to give Kumi a piercing stare, and trapping him for eternity… winning.

As he leapt into the classroom, Kumi fell apart instantly, and cried out desperately for the one he loved most.

"ICHIGO—"he began, eyes almost filling to the brim with tears. He shut his eyes in agony as he heard a soft reply.


Kumi opened his eyes. His face became pale as he looked around. The classroom was nearly empty, with only 5 or 6 students dotted around. Kumi watched coldly as Ichigo walked towards him gently, several plasters sewn across his face. His voice became faded as Kumi began to feel exhausted, feeling temporarily safe, but paranoia still scratching his mind with teasing fingers.

Ichigo glanced at him with concern, "Kumi…are you okay?"

Kumi flinched silently as their eyes met. The boy's dazed expression began to sink as he looked into Ichigo's eyes. Screams of humiliation and begging and pleading began to surround his ears as he looked longingly at his love. His eyes became shadowed as the image of the photo seemed to taunt and replace Ichigo's thoughtful face.

Kumi rasped quietly, and collapsed on the floor. Ichigo's eyes widened as he rushed down to help his friend up, "Whoa… Kumi, What's going on?!"

Kumi dared not look up, and shivered as he felt ichigo's hands grasp firmly to his body. Kumi's skin began to burn…it only reminded him… he continued to say nothing, as Ichigo shook him lightly.

Ichigo's expression softened sadly with confusion. "Why weren't you here yesterday…" He whispered softly, pulling back and kneeling on the ground next to Kumi, who still stood solemnly, but listened intently.

Ichigo looked down and closed his eyes as he continued. "…I went back home, to…get my stuff…" Ichigo began to murmur and blushed, "but…" Kumi couldn't help but turn his head subtlety. His eyes became glazed as ichigo's smile faded away, his fingers lightly touching the plasters on his cheeks.

"I was really...scared. More than I've ever been before…I wish someone…" His voice faded as he began to smile wearily once more. Kumi's heart ached as he watched his love sink slowly into a small child. In the depths of his soul, Kumi cried out helplessly, longing to hold the boy sitting next to him. But now, he couldn't even dare to glance at him. Kumi began to tremble with fear. No-one noticed as a tears began to fall from his condemned eyes, a small whisper drew from his lips, as he watched his world slowly fall apart; "I'm sorry…Ichigo…"

Ichigo stood up, and snapped back into his popular sunny-like behaviour, as Sakura waltzed into the room. Time seemed to shoot forward, as a sudden burst of students and chatter blew into the classroom with a gust of wind. Kumi obediently followed the crowd, keeping his head low and moving to his desk within the wave of blissfully unaware people. Kumi crept under his desk, curling his arms desperately around his body and gripping tightly for comfort, he stared helplessly as Ichigo dealthed his lips into Sakura's. No-one seemed to notice Kumi clam up, as Ichigo ran his fingers through the sly young girl's hair, and whimsically kiss her.

Kumi's breath caught horrifically, as Sakura's eyes leeched open and pinpointed to the now bitterly beaten boy. She slowly began to smile, her eyes becoming thinner with malicious pleasure. Kumi's face became white as she mouthed the words to him.

"You dirty boy."

She smiled cruelly as Kumi fell back and blushed furiously. He clasped his eyes shut and began to breathe slowly. Nearly the whole classroom was filled up now. Dread began to stream up into his veins. Kumi became dizzy with confusion, not knowing what was going to happen next. He heaved an agonisingly slow shivering sigh… his heart began to crush awkwardly, as he looked faintly at Ichigo. He eyes began to blur as he wondered if he would ever see his best friend again. Right now, he wanted Ichigo to know everything….so badly… Kumi let out a short breath of panic as he hoped desperately for the other young man to look at him, and finally realise. Kumi continued to stare graciously, as Ichigo began to turn his head casually. For a moment his eyes met with Kumi's. In seconds, Ichigo tilted his head, as he noticed the tears rolling precariously across the other boys face…

For a small moment, Kumi's heart was set free…

Suddenly, ichigo's attention was stolen away, as the classroom door opened once more.

Kumi froze.

A ream look seemed to have been swept onto his face. His eyes were mellow, and he had an unforgettable smile on his face. Arachi strode into the classroom effortlessly. He smiled and laughed with the group of friends who followed behind him, as if nothing was going to happen. Kumi became cut in his frozen state, his arms itching grab hold of his skin, his blood shot eyes needing so desperately to look away from Arachi… but Arachi caught him.

Kumi's skin seemed to burst as Arachi gave him a very quick, but hideously scowling smirk. Kumi's eyes began to flicker in confusion, as His master's smile became slowly wider and more twisted. He slowly pushed the door ajar. The rest of the classroom continued in idle chatter, paying no attention to the strange gathering noise outside. Kumi's skin began to cling to his senses, and crawl. Arachi's eyes burned with delight, and his smile was almost inhuman, as both he and Kumi listened intently to the noise, now becoming faint gasps and screams outside the classroom…

All the classroom chatter seemed to pour smoothly out of Kumi's mind. Now, only the sound of his own heart beat, becoming faster and faster, and the wild cries of the noise outside becoming louder and louder remained. Kumi sat, paralysed in the horror of the sounds, his fate, as Arachi shut the door calmly.

Kumi's once pure, innocent, shadowed black eyes became white. About to witness the loss of his life. As arachi tapped on the desk, Kumi became numb.

He lowered his head, and drowned in sorrow.

"Everyone… I have something important I need to tell you." Arachi began, calling out to the class. A fake expression of alarm and earnest dropped across his face, but his eyes were calm and powerful. Kumi's head remained low as he began to whisper to himself in a quivering voice. His ears listened with utter despair as the class somehow became drawn in, and captivated by Arachi's dramatic-plastic voice.

"I…feel terrible about what I am going to say…" Arachi whispered, closing his eyes, skilfully hiding the slight, revengeful smile on his face. He bowed his head, allowing his classmates to slowly murmur with wonder, the whole room falling under a strange curious panic.

"But…I think it should be done, for the safety of our school." Kumi cringed, the only one staring blankly at the floor. Shivers seemed to resound in his body, as he felt his name and person crumble away… slowly, slowly, the mask this boy had hidden behind for years, was going to be torn away.

Arachi's voice remained sound and peaceful, but became for forward and formal as he lifted his head and stared directly at the class. "…everyone knows one person in this school. The most popular guy…but also the biggest jerk."

The whole class smiled and giggled. Unaware of Arachi's cruel and twisted intentions, everyone's eyes turned. Kumi's delicate and weak fingers curled up as he heard the shift in movement as pupils turned to face him. Everyone laughed lightly, seeing Arachi's words as a playful joke… but to Kumi, playing a whole different game, it was humiliation. Kumi's mask began to crack.

He started to whisper softly and shiver violently. Some students began to notice Kumi breaking, watching with slight anxiousness, while others turned back to arachi, who continued to speak.

"W-well…there is more to Furigawa than meets the eye…" Arachi hissed, his voice quivering as he pretended to sound hurt or shocked, "There is…a lot more…" His dramatic voice dropped, and his eyes gleamed with a secret smirk as he dragged the class into his own truth.

"Who'd of thought he'd be such a disgusting pervert…"

Arachi's eyes flickered playfully as the whole class fell under turmoil. Whispers began to rack up, body's began to dart back and fourth with curiosity. Now the class was under the knowledge of the secret game, knowing this was far more serious than it looked.

"Arachi-kun, what do you mean?"

"Pervert? What's going on?" various students cried out in curiosity, some chattered amongst themselves with flustered voices, and other's began to stare, now with fear-stricken looks on their faces, as they caught a glance of the boy in question, now shivering and still keeping his head low. Kumi was becoming is true self, humbly blushing and holding tightly onto his shirt, shivering rapidly and whispering, trying to ignore the eyes that were slowly but surely falling upon him.

"That's right… I thought I knew Furigawa… but lately he'd been acting strangely…" arachi began to speak louder, as the class listened intently. Ichigo was also listening. Sakura was smiling proudly. Hints of gasps and yelps emerged from the room as Kumi began to whimper softly, his whispers becoming clearer.

"It's not true…please…it's not true…please stop…"

His shivering became more edgy and violent, and arachi watched with no remorse in his eyes. We went on, slowly.

"I found that there is much more to that bastard than everyone thinks..."

Kumi began to get up, still blushing furiously and still shaking. He crawled towards arachi, whimpering and humbly clinging to his body like an infant, "please arachi…please stop it now…"

Arachi shot Kumi a quick but sly and twisted smile, ignoring the boys pleads blatantly.

People began to talk aloud with confusion and distress. Heads turned as Kumi's sweet whimpers became soft sobs. Faces turned pale at this completely new Kumi, who was now on the floor at Arachi's feet. As arachi looked down on the boy beneath him, the sobbing became quiet and subdued once more.

Arachi smiled to himself, and turned gracefully towards Ichigo. Ichigo, whose eyes were pale and staring at Kumi, petrified, darted back up into Arachi's piercing stare.

"Ichigo….Of all the people here, you should know this secret the most."

Ichigo's face dropped with both confusion and fear. His eyes became weary as he gazed at arachi with a dark heart.

Kumi's eyes snapped open as soon as he heard ichigo's name. He took a deep heave, and lost his breath as he let go of the shock with a piercing sob. Heads darted to the floor once more as Kumi cried out.

"Please arachi, I'll do anything, just don't tell him, don't let him know, please don't—"Kumi's cries were ache and scratchy, as he kneeled on the floor. A ghostly silence fell over the bodies of the people watching, as Kumi pinched Arachi's legs and tugged like a dog, begging and begging, tears falling relentlessly. The room had become cold.

Arachi ignored the ruthless tugging at his feet, and spoke hollowly,

"You see….I found photos…"

Expressions became blank, and eyes glowed with suspense.

"He…is obsessed with someone…"

Kumi began to cry as arachi moved his feet and carefully stood on Kumi's hands, grinding them into the floor. No-one noticed, their eyes fixated on Arachi's fake, earnest stare.

"That's right," He persuaded, "Even to the point…he stalked them…and took a photo of them…and then took more…" Arachi paused grammatically as he looked away in disgust. People's eyes began to flicker back to Kumi, as he wrapped his arms around Arachi's legs. His crying simmered down as he stared up with blurry eyes. So confused, even he himself began to believe the young man's manipulative lies.

"And he…he…took these obscene photos, of himself…" Arachi's voice became weak, and Kumi began to shake his head violently, memories of the truth still burnt on his skin, but unable to tell anyone.

"Photos? Photos? What do you mean?"

"What are you talking about…what's going on here?!" questions emerged from the silence. The once chirpy and happy classroom had seemingly fallen under a dark spell.

Kumi gasped, as the last of his reputation was about to be thrown away. "it's not true, it's not true, it's not true it's not true…" he desperately tried to howl, the whole class, especially the one he loved looking right at him… but it was no use.

"Look at these. I have proof."

Tears stained Arachi's legs as Kumi began to cry horrendously. Arachi only smiled, calmly, and pulled out something from his bag.

Everyone drew a hard, hysteric gasp.

Kumi whimpered pathetically as arachi shoved a piece of paper in his face. "Look at it Kumi, go ahead and look at it,"

He gave Kumi a sharp scolding whisper that only he could hear, causing Kumi to force out a cry as he opened his eyes, unbearably.

Kumi's body burned up. He began to feel nauseous with embarrassment, as he was forced to see himself. A grimly shot photo, cleverly hiding Arachi's face, centred around Kumi's screaming, gut wrenchingly painful face, and his body, stretched and bent unnaturally, having sex, with another man.

Of course, the whole class, caught under Arachi's illusion never saw this as the fragile little boy's rape.

"Oh my god…" Ichigo spoke from his throat in utter disturbance. He held onto Sakura gently, sweat dripping from his face. Sakura pretended to be stunned, though she had seen and approved of the photo's weeks ago.

Kumi suddenly felt as if his clothes had vanished. His body seemed to feel sopping wet, as his memories recollected the feeling of that event once more. He laid limb on the floor, needing desperately for comfort. Tears still ran across his face hopelessly. Completely hopeless. He took a deep breath and a sharp sob, blushing more and more with fury as arachi went on.

"There's more…"

The room, still aghast from the shocking news just moments before, raised there heads with dry expressionless eyes.

"Not only is ...he this perverted that he takes photo's of himself…but he was sick, and twisted enough to involve the person he was obsessed with…"

Kumi choked out of his crying. He could barley move with humiliation, but still held tightly onto Arachi's trousers. Loud begs began to draw from his breath.

"…an innocent person. Involved with his unforgivable…obsession."

Arachi looked upon Kumi for the first time.

"…P-Please…you've done enough…It's over nowI'm worthless…I know that now arachi-sama…" Kumi coughed out the words pitifully. The class still stared in horror- stricken awe at this whole new side to Kumi, which had fallen so low, the boy openly begged to his oppressor. The class shifted in repulse, as Kumi nuzzled his face into Arachi's shoes. This made arachi smile, still he went on. His face switched upwards, his selfish smile fading into a solemn look.

"You see…the person he is horribly, sickly obsessed with…" Arachi raised his voice and slowly turned his head. Kumi's eyes fell wide open, and became a pure blank white.

"No, no, no, nono. no…" Kumi began to scream violently, hilting his body closer to arachi, his hands shaking, in a fluster, still confused and humiliated, trapped, words came tumbling out of his mouth uncontrollably as his eyes became sore with so many tears,

"Was the one he is the most horrible to…and all along…"

"Arachi-sama, arachi-sama please, don't, I'll do anything, just don't tell him, you can let them know anything, just don't tell Ichigo, don't tell him don't tell him, PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T…"

Ichigo, still in a state of pure shock, moved his head rigidly, his eyes rolling to one side, his pupils white and tiny with shock. "…what does he mean? Don't tell me…?" His voice was outspoken and shaking.

Arachi let out a care-free laugh, for a moment, showing his true nature. He and Kumi looked each other in the eye one last time. Arachi gave him a piercing pleasure-filled smile.

Kumi whispered, like a dead wind. "No…"

Arachi tilted his head, and captured Ichigo, with a penetrating, shattering stare.

"It's you."

Ichigo's already cold and hallow face, became transparent.

"…. What?"

The word barely fell from ichigo's lips. He had become breathless.

Kumi instantly became dead, as he heard the words. His hunched body became lifeless.

The secret he had kept… gone, forever.

Now, the one he loved the most, hated him.

Time seemed to fall still, as Sakura piped in silently, in a deep, black voice.

"That's right… this Perverted lifeless jerk, treated my boyfriend like scum. Only to do this…"

Kumi began to hyperventilate, his body collapsing on the floor, and shaking emotionlessly in panic, as arachi and Sakura calmly handed out the second batch of photos.

Hands clasped on faces as the students' eyes took in the sickening image Arachi's gang had secretly taken the night before. The foul atmosphere and empty stench of the place, the cruelty of the event and the broken shell remaining loomed in the feeling of the picture…only to feed people the rotten and beaten lie arachi had created. Monstrously accurate, Kumi's full body was released for all to see, alone with a bright, horribly clear photo of the one he had loved for so long.

Finally, hands jittering recklessly, a photo was handed to Ichigo. His lips became hard and bitter as his hand clasped and clung to his stomach, in pure, grief-stricken, disbelief.

Kumi's now numb heart lunged through his body. He clamped his eyes shut and took a deep smothering breath, and forced himself to look at the one he loved. The one he loved the most…

As Kumi's blood-shot eyes crawled upon ichigo's face, he was still staring, in pure silence, at the picture. Finally, he looked at Kumi.

Their eyes met, deeper than ever for the very first time. Kumi's ribs seemed to collapse under the heavy, heart wrenching pain, as he looked into ichigo's eyes. Stale, murdered eyes.

He could bare it no longer. Kumi's eyes filled with pale, stinging, tortured tears. He crawled, clumsily out of the room, scratched open the door as much as he could. He clambered through the small gap, as fearsome, unforgiving eyes pushed him through the door. He broke into a run.

His secret now released, Kumi's heart was now trembling and in more slow, death-like pain than ever before. Has he ran, stares seemed to rip through his body, grabbing him and dragging him down. Walls were plastered with his photo's, smirking, laughing, killing him with his own face, forcing him to face his own reality. But nothing, nothing compared to the look in ichigo's eyes. Nothing. Kumi slammed open the bathroom door, hitting his face. He collapsed onto the dirty, thick, tiles. He lost everything. But now…he had lost Ichigo.

He hulled his aching body onto the cold hard support of the toilet, only to slip back down. Kumi lay his head on the seat, his angelic black hair restricting pressed against the edge, forcing his neck to fall crooked. As his breathing become more steady. He went through the motions of complete, whole loss. His heart, screaming through sharp, broken shards of pain, and falling eternally into a black emptiness.

Tired, and still indescribably lost in his own mind, Kumi began to fall unconscious with grief…but his chase wasn't over yet.

Just as he felt his eyes hazily drooping in an unnatural state, he cracked forwards in sour distress, as a loud, disturbing crash of the door and a clamber of footsteps and never-ending laughter floundered into the room. Kumi shook his head back and forth and dismay, as arachi marched in and flooded over the poor boy like an unsatisfied shadow.

"Y...y...y...you wrecked everything...you…" Kumi's words flickered with pure despise. But were ruined and shunned by his complete loss of self-esteem.

Arachi, quite easily now, talked over him in an egotistical, dream-like tone. "Looking good, aren't we, ku-chan? Eh…?" He hastily pushed his face up against Kumi's his warm and strong breath choking the poor boy with little effort.

"Your finished ku-chan. and now, you officially, belong to me." His voice wavered as he stood back up, cracking his fingers. His eyes narrowed, "Ichigo is furious. I've never seen him so angry. I don't think he'll ever speak to a little freak like you ever again."

Kumi's heart was slaughtered as he heard the confirmation form Arachi's casual, care-free lips.

Arachi smiled, and clicked his fingers as he continued, as if speaking in regular conversation. "You know what? I think you should die."

"But I'm going to keep you, my little toy.

And you'll be mine to play with, forever."

Kumi said nothing, and simply curled up unwillingly. He closed his eyes elegantly, as Arachi's foot lunged towards his face.

For ½ hour, Kumi took the beating of the life time. A thousand hands, fingernails, teeth, and feet flew towards him…but nothing hurt more than the endless killing in his heart. Cried of pain seemed to be pushed out of his body, unconsciously, whilst Kumi's mind slowly faded, comprehending and coming to terms with the loss of his greatest friendship…and the gain of Arachi's ownership of his soul.

Kumi found himself immersed among the throbbing pain of the fists, and blood. The dying light in his eyes crawled, as he blinked and shut his eyes in wincing pain, and muttered a few single words under his breath… he didn't even feel worthy of saying them anymore, as they drew from his breath, vaguely.

I hate you…

After a long and tiresome hull, arachi and his gang clambered out of the bathroom in petty cheerful laughter, as if they had just been playing a game. Arachi called out, a strange and delusional holler in his voice, "You put this upon yourself, Kumi!!"

"It was not me, who lied!! This is all your doing, you know!"

The tyrant's voice faded away as we walked out of the bathroom, followed undoubtedly by sheep-like laughter from his gang. It seemed, it was needed, to feel no guilt.

Kumi's breath was now fumbling, and broken. He lay, almost unconscious on the floor. Seas of blood, and sweat, flowed with ease from his head and his stomach. He could barely focus, but his fading heart sank with sorrow as he gazed at the skin ruptured on his fingers. They twitched delicately as he tried to move them from the blood trickling on the floor. The young boy, shifted slightly. His lips quivered. He blushed lightly, somehow feeling unworthy to feel sorry for himself. An innocent glow seemed to fall around him, as he whimpered quietly.

An acknowledgment in the back of his mind seemed to dimly alight, as he took note of the sound of the bathroom door slowly opening. The sound of echoing, soft footsteps emerged and walked across the floor.

Kumi, too beaten to move, or shiver, simply took a small breath. A dark figure loomed over him, kept a mystery in the darkness of the shadows. Ichigo.

Kumi's eyes shimmered. Amongst the drumming pain of the bruises, cuts and fractures, his heart resounded in a low, harsh beat, reminding him.


Kumi mentioned the name under his breath. His eyes glazed over with terror, as he weakly crept back, curling up as much as he could, he still kept his eyes on Ichigo.

Ichigo's head was faded in the shadows, as he stood, unmoving, silent. He seemed to calmly watch as Kumi scrambled back. Dread fell harmoniously as he stared into ichigo's eyes. Still cold, and still. Ichigo seemed to barely whisper, his voice low and destructive.


Kumi's face became pale with intolerable dread, as he heard the boy speak softly. In his almost-unconscious state, a faded longing expression dripped over his face.

Kumi was now certain…Ichigo really did hate him. His face collapsed as he began to cry, naturally. But…

Kumi's heart beat became faster with terror, as the tall dark figure slenderly came down to his level. His face slipping out of the shadows, Kumi's sobbing became forlorn. ..

Ichigo's expression was gentile, and caring. His eyes looked over Kumi with angel-like guidance. He smiled slightly, but returned to his quietly anxious face. Kumi's eyes widened as his voice seemed to sing like a lullaby.

"Kumi… what did them do to you…"

Kumi's face became blank, as Ichigo, truly, gazed at him. In the silence, there was some kind of harmony, as tears began to fall across ichigo's cheeks. Kumi subtly broke down, as he felt ichigo's warm hands hold his shoulders with an embracing-like touch. Kumi tried to speak, his words falling out of his mouth, and fading into nothing. He found himself blushing uncontrollably, and looking away.

"B-but, you, s-saw those, photo's...a-and…" Kumi began to murmur humbly. He winced with pain as Ichigo glided closer towards him.

"…I don't believe them." Ichigo replied calmly, his fingers barely holding the other boy's arms.

Kumi, still feeling worthless, dared not bring himself to look at Ichigo. But Ichigo constantly watched him with concerned eyes.

"Please, Kumi… please tell me what's been going on…" Ichigo's feather-like voice, as it trembled.

Kumi kept his eyes shut, tears streaming down his pale cheeks. "I-it was my fault, and, because I…" Kumi lowered his head in what felt like shame, as the words crumbled from his lips…

"I love you Ichigo…" he admitted soundly.

Ichigo's eyes glowed immensely. A small smile broke through his sorrow-filled face as he watched the little boy below him choke and rub his eyes with blood.

"…and Th...They raped me…and they made me do…do those things….I don't want to…"

Kumi could barely speak. He blushed with tortured embarrassment. But ichigo's expression only softened more. His eyes began to shimmer magically as he shook his head. Kumi gasped shyly, as he felt ichigo's soothing fingers hold his face with delicacy.

"Kumi…" He uttered, his voice beginning to break in silent tears,

"You are…so brave…"

Kumi turned his head elegantly as he watched Ichigo cry. "I can't believe they did this to you…" Kumi said nothing, in utter confusion. Finally, Ichigo let the boy go, and turned to face him, serenely.

"Now…" Ichigo began to speak lightly, his eyes wandering to the floor with slight shyness. He wiped his tears and smiled. "We need to clean this all up…"

Kumi watched, still in confusion, as Ichigo pulled some tissue and soaked it in water. Kumi blushed without question, as Ichigo seemed to hold him, as if he were a doll, and lean him against the wall of the toilet.

Together they sat, and slowly began to talk. It took Kumi a long time to bring himself to tell Ichigo everything. But the words slipped out, with a little encouragement from the beautiful boy kneeling opposite him, tending to him with the utmost care. Kumi blushed and sobbed every now and again, as Ichigo placed bits of tissue over his cuts, with caressing hands. Tears ran down ichigo's face all the way through the conversation, as he learned of the horrible things, arachi had been doing all this time. Dark pity seemed to sweep across his face, kindly, as he wondered to himself why Kumi put himself down so much.

Soon, the conversation had softly ended. The room had become quiet, but there was an angelic innocence floating in the air. Kumi bowed his head, and flushed a little. He widened his eyes and took a quivering breath. He could not believe he had told Ichigo everything.

Ichigo looked down, a strangely bemused look on his face, as his eyes curled to one side. "Kumi…" He seemed to ask, his voice seeming a little anxious.

Kumi, who was still humiliated, dared not look into ichigo's eyes, even now.

"Back there… before I came here… "He began, his fingers digging into the tissue.

"I… um… Broke up with Sakura…"

Kumi's eyes lit up with shock.

He turned his head timidly, and gazed at Ichigo. Ichigo looked back. He was blushing a pastel rose, and quivering slightly. But his eyes were steady as he looked directly, at Kumi.

"…what…?" Kumi whispered the words to himself, before gasping.

He turned a graceful white, as Ichigo shyly placed a small and swift, but beautiful kiss on Kumi's lips, before returning back, and gazing once again. He began to shiver and blush furiously. But his eyes were strong, and longing.

Ichigo's eyes wandered around in a strange lost innocence, as he spoke with a quivering, almost soundless voice.

"I mean… When you and I became friends… you did so much…you gave me this comfort…although I could not admit it…" His face became slightly awkward as his head darted with a quiet elegance.

Kumi's heart began to beat faster and faster, as he listened intently to those words. His eyes began to glow like an angel's, and his heart began to float. Both the boys simply looked at each other. Both still innocent…both seemingly reborn.

Ichigo finally planted his eyes on the floor, as he blushed subtlety, as he leaned in, closer towards Kumi.

Kumi suddenly faded into a dream. Stars and butterflies danced inside him as he closed his eyes, perfectly.

Ichigo placed his lips upon Kumi's, for longer. Ichigo slipped his tongue into Kumi's mouth, gently. The two boys both shared a truly, loving kiss, unlike anyone of them had ever experienced before. A pure, indescribable kiss.

They both released calmly, and sighed sweetly. Ichigo broke lightly and blushed like a child. "I've… never kissed someone …I loved…before." He looked away, with tears shining in his eyes. A beautiful, passionate smile fell upon his face. Kumi, for the first time in his life, smiled, without a worry or doubt in his mind. He closed his eyes and whispered with hope and love in his small voice.

"Thank you…"

Kumi smiled, and blushed furiously as Ichigo drew closer, and embraced his lover. They held onto each other, as if nothing could tear them apart, but still embracing with soft, fragile fingers.

Unknown to Sakura's break-up, Arachi's calm and winning face, dropped like a corpse. His eyes became fiery, and his face wrinkled as his true personality seemed to swarm through. The rest of his gang seemed to turn a pale-blue like colour. Their expressions became blank and fearful, as they had lost all power. Sakura sat in the corner, crying, not out f sorrow, but more like behaving as if she were a spoiled child.

Ichigo walked calmly through the classroom. A placid expression placed on his face, his eyes kindly glistening, he wrapped his arm tightly around his lover.

Kumi smiled his face for the first time ever in school, warm with love. Students gazed, getting caught in the strange happiness the two shared. Kumi's eyes were dancing, and despite limping horribly with a twisted broken leg, and blood smeared over his ripped clothes, the boy humbly laughed as he stumbled, but got caught with ichigo's strong cupped hands.

Kumi's eyes flickered, unable to look at his classmates as he sat on a chair. The students stared eerily, at first suspicious, but after a few glances at the ever trusting Ichigo, a few rushed over to gawp and look at Kumi's wounds with alarm. To their surprise, Kumi turned away bitterly. The other side of Kumi would have greedily sat himself in the attention.

Kumi and the other classmates watched in silence as Ichigo strode over to arachi, who was now shaking slightly in horror, and a little fear.

Ichigo's calm and serene face suddenly dropped. Arachi's eye brows raised as Ichigo swiftly titled his head and gave a quick, harsh, smile,

"You sick, SICK man, arachi!"

Arachi fell backwards as Ichigo gave him a piercing smack in the face.

The room filled with gasps, as Kumi and the other class mates watched in bedazzlement.

"How DARE you Beat Kumi to death everyday, THEN RAPE HIM?!"

Arachi began to stutter, all of a sudden loosing his ability to speak proudly. The other students became weary of this, and questions began to fill the classroom. However, Ichigo said nothing more, and glided back to his love.

Kumi blushed with fright. Now truly being himself, he became subdued and ruffled the fabric on his torn clothes with anxiousness.

"What is everyone going to believe now…? I don't want anyone to know anything…" He whispered, his eyes following the topsy truvey chatter of the classroom. Ichigo looked at him with an analysing curiosity, and pulled the boys hands away from the fabric with water-like fingers.

"Everyone around here seems to put on a face…but at least we both know we can trust each other…right?"

Kumi looked up as Ichigo smiled, a knowing, yet still hopeful gaze in his eyes. Kumi's expression faded over with happiness. As he closed his eyes and kissed his lovers ear.

"We always have…"

The photo Kumi had taken so long ago now, still sat, tucked comfortably away in his pocket. Ichigo and Kumi sat together and began to talk quietly amongst themselves, holding hands, whilst Sakura and arachi watched with jealousy. Kumi laughed, no longer needing to pretend. Finally, Kumi's photo was no longer trapped. Kumi and Ichigo were finally free.


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