"Building My Wings"

I don't know where it is that I'm headed.

And I don't know just how I will get there.

I just hope, in the end, to see heaven,

And, on the way, show the Lord that I care.

I know I will stumble, and I will fall,

And, if not careful, maybe turn away.

With God's help, I will remember my call.

Oh, by my Lord I hope to always stay.

I've let Him down, and He has forgiven.

I've even cursed Him; but why? I don't know.

Oh, God's arms are a fine place to live in.

I don't know why I ever choose to go.

Maybe I'm not ready to step out yet.

If I don't take God, I never will be.

I will remember what Jesus has said

And direct my curses to some fig tree.


Learn in everything

As I move around.

To get off the ground,

I'm building my wings.

To heaven I'll sing.

Make a joyful sound.

I want off the ground;

I'm building my wings.