-This love's all I take-

As the sun sets down

Hiding from the mountains,

I know my memories would drown

With you, your face, your smile.

As I go to sleep at night,

Thousands of stars twinkling from the sky

I know I'll be alright,

Coz you are on my mind.

As I feel the soft breeze of the air,

I knew it was you

With sweet thoughts of love for me,

But soon found out it's just a fantasy.

I wish one day you'll notice me,

And then someday we'll surely be,

But my heart broke into pieces


I saw you with someone

She sure looks happy, her eyes were bright.

I wish I'm on her place instead,

And look deep in your eyes.

I wish I'm there to comfort you

When you are feeling blue,

But then one day I realized

That this love's all I take.