Obey Your Master

Look to me with loyalty,

Give me your identity,

I can keep you by my wing,

With delight the birds will sing,

Just call me master my child,

I can help you face the trial,

Down the cliff you'll never fall,

When you're under my control,

When I summon you shall come,

I will dictate your freedom,

Joy and delight you will see,

As you wreak murders for me,

Look to your master,

Carry out my bidding without shame,

Just call me master,

Watching as I laugh at all the pain,

Bow to your master,

Do my deeds or bring shame to your name,

Obey your master,

Or die as I watch you scream in vain!

Looking down to your vile feet,

Blind and dumb you seem to be,

Always disobedient,

Why'd I have to take you in?

I hear as you rave and scream,

Useless you just seem to be,

I told you to light the fire,

Now you're falling down the pyre,

I told you to slay and kill,

You had to give to my will,

Any words you have to say,

Scream them as you burn away!

Cry to your master,

Tell me why you don't do what I say,

Burn for your master,

You just had to see things your own way,

Die by your master,

Scream to me as your flesh rots away,

Obey your master,

Meet the dawn of your concluding day!