Warning: Slash M/M, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, bullying, etc….

Disclamer: Mine.

Drowning from the Inside…

"Terry, why the hell do you drink so much water?" Landon tried to ask, his words muffled by the huge chunk of meat in his mouth.

A delicately plucked eyebrow, mine, rose at his words. "Cause I like water." And I took another healthy drought of the liquid from the clear plastic bottle in my hand.

"Man… then how the hell do you keep all that piss in?" The chewed hamburger was quickly swallowed with a hasty gulp when Jer boldly and crudely grunted out the question. And yet another sip. "I don't keep any." My cool voice sent ripples through the rest of the water in the bottle. Hmm… I'll need a refill soon.

"Sweat a lot?" Landon visibly tried to chew the rest of his meal. Never knew he was that sensitive about his food.

"Nope. Never broke a sweat before in my life." Never needed to.

"Right. I forgot. Mr. Track star." Jer butted in sarcastically, which was lost when his bushy eyebrows shot up, his gaze fixed upon something behind me.


The lump in my stomach was back again. No amount of water could wash that down any longer.

"Hey there babe. C'mon. Don't give me that cold shoulder." The voice was also back. "I thought you still loved me. Don't you?" Smooth, sexy, yet downright mocking. Pure evil was laced in every syllable. I wanted to kill him. Cause he keeps touching me. Don't touch me. Don't touch me with your voice like you actually care.

Snickers followed.

"Turn around, darling. Or have you forgotten me again?" He was relentless. Shut up, you freak. Can't you hear? I hate you.

Rough hands gripped my shoulders tightly, painfully, and whipped me around harshly in the unrelenting plastic cafeteria chair. No…

Lips smashed down on mine. Leaving imprints of my teeth upon the back of my lips. My incisors cut past the skin harshly, like some kind of vampire, except that they were my own. The paws on my shoulders slid down to my wrists, encompassing them, restraining my need to claw at the disgusting creature on top of me.

On top of me. Again?

Knees jabbed into my thighs, pressing my hips into the tiled floor. They hurt. Hurts so much. He wasn't light. Too heavy. Smothering me. Can't breathe.

Where were Jer and Landon?

Probably stuck in the same position as me. They should be surprised. This isn't their first time, is it? Not mine though. Not mine. Definitely not.

The lips left my own. The harsh scrape of his teeth left imprints in my memory. They'll probably bruise later on. If not now.

"Enjoyed it didn't you? Fag." A glob of sticky liquid landed on my collarbone. The heel of a boot nudged my hips, making me turn around on my back. The spit fusing into the porcelain-white tiles.

Disgusting… Hands, this time, more than two, relentlessly groped my ass. Pinches, slaps, squeezes, the works. Damnit. Luckily I won't be sitting in any classes after this.

"Had your fill, slut? You probably enjoyed it, didn't you?" The same voice growled in my ear. And a lick.

"You guys go first. I still wanna talk to the whore for a moment." This was directed to the other goons. Masculine sniggers filled the air for a moment.

Roughly padded fingers toyed with my belt loops for a moment. I couldn't move. Not even if I wanted to. Couldn't anymore.

"See you later, baby." He whispered. "Next time, give me one of your famous blows, will you? You know I'll love anything you'll give me."

I'll be damned to hell if I say I didn't enjoy it.

A/N: I know this is quite a drastic change from my earlier works, and will probably be the only angsty thing I'm going to write, let alone put up on FP. So yeah… don't criticize me if I get anything weird. Cause I hate criticism. Compliments are nice, comments are okay. However, I will track you down and murder you ruthlessly with a plastic spork if you flame me.