10,000 Kisses

Let me shower you in kisses

Let me blanket you in love

Allow me to give you ecstasy

Sending your spirit to the Cosmos above

I adore you with all that I am

Being with you must be part of God's plan

I can do anything by your side

You're more than a partner

You're a counsellor and guide

I love the feeling of your hand in mine

With you near I lose track of time

Your lips so delicious

Your arms so warm

I am protected from any and all harm

I can live from the nourishment of your embrace

Basking in the warmth of your smiling face

I will forever shower you in thousands of flowers

And sincere remarks that last for hours

I'm forever yours, your one and only wife

Always my darling, love of my life.

November 5, 2005