"What's There to Say?" By Cassandra Freiborg 11/23/05

Whats there to say

that by the time

I looked up and out

of my reverie

you were already gone.

So much for all those

sweet nothings whispered

into my ear

all those years spent

in an illusion

of my own creation.

Everyone always did

call me a fool

for falling for you.

Id cry but I

think Ive forgotten how,

or maybe Im just

too sick to my stomach

to focus on the feelings of regret

that are trickling

down my spine and

into my heart now.

Im sinking deeper

into doubt now,

and everythings getting

blurry and Im so lost

without you.

Trying to dig my heart out

of the blackness and the hurt.

Ive asked everyone

where you've gone,

but no one seems

to know, or care.

There were a thousand things

I wanted to say before you left,

before the inevitable happened.

Like why

and why

and most importantly

why did you leave me

when all I did was show you

that you were loved

by an actual human being

instead of the drugs

you thought would save you.