Hey throw your arms up
Fuck the world
Hey throw your fuck ups
Fuck the world
I don't care about you
So fuck you too

There is usually more purpose to the things I write
The things I do
But the only purpose here is to say 'fuck you'
And I know its not nice to be so mean
But why the fuck do you treat me so raw
I don't know and honestly
I couldn't give a fuck less about you
So stop staring at me
18 years in the making
A bomb in the making
To destroy all you faking

Hey throw your bullshit
Fuck the world
Hey you're a bitch
Fuck the world
I fucking hate you
So fuck you too

Run the world from your seat of power
You toyed with me and I wilt like a flower
You fucking ruined me for the beauty
I so badly hoped you were it
I'm so fucking sick of your shit
You play your games its all the same
To everything I wanted I no longer want it
I just fucking hope you'll fuck up and die
Or choke or get pregnant or fucking leave
Yea I hope it was worth it for you
I hope your fucking happy

Hey throw your values
Fuck the world
Hey do what feels good
Fuck the world
Fuck your friends they don't mean shit
Fuck your parents they don't know dick
Fuck you you're so fucking worthless
Fuck the world

Change the pace
Destroy your facade
Kill the innocent child
Make me feel and destroy my nerves
I can deal
I can deal
Easily deal

Hey throw your sex
And fuck the world
Hey do what I say
Fuck the world
Hey reinvent your tits
Fuck the world
Hey be the first girl on your block
To be able to put your chest in a box
Hey you need some fucking therapy
Yeah yeah yeah
Fuck the world
You suck
So fuck you too